Required Documents for UK Fiance Visa-2024

You must provide the Home Office with a variety of supporting documentation, proof, and evidence when applying for a UK Fiance visa so as to show your eligibility for the visa.

These consist of identification documents for both you and your fiancé, as well as evidence that you fit the language and financial requirements for the Fiancé visa. For example, you will need to prove that you are in a real relationship with your fiancé, that you plan to marry them within six months of receiving your visa, and that you are able to meet the language and financial requirements.

Keep in mind that as part of your visa application, you might also be required to submit other papers that are not included here. These will change based on your particular situation.

A list of the paperwork you should probably include with your Fiance visa application is given below:

  • A current passport or other travel-related ID
  • Old passports, showing the picture pages and visible entrance stamps or visas
  • Evidence proving your fiancé is in the UK is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and has either pre-settled status or settled status
  • Information about prior visa or immigration applications
  • Evidence that your partnership is real and strong
  • Evidence of suitable housing in the United Kingdom
  • Evidence that you have the necessary funds
  • Evidence that the linguistic criteria are met
  • A letter of support from you and your fiancé

Please take note that any documents that are not in Welsh or English must be translated by a qualified translator.

Required Documents of UK fiance visa for the Relationship Requirements

You need to provide proof to the Home Office that your connection with your fiancé is real and ongoing in order to enter the UK on a fiancée visa.

  • Proof proving you and your fiancé are cohabiting or have been living together in the past, such as utility bills, rent agreements, or council tax bills.
  • Proof of your combined financial responsibility, including utility bills, mortgages, or bank accounts.
  • Proof of any children you share and your joint involvement in their upbringing, such as recommendations from daycare centres, schools, or medical professionals.
  • Evidence—such as divorce decrees or certifications—that any prior relationships have ended permanently.
  • Additional documents confirming your relationship, including invoices for vacations you two took, texts you exchanged, letters you wrote, or other strong proof or correspondence.

UK fiance visa documents for the accommodation requirement

The Fiance visa requires that you have appropriate housing throughout your stay in the UK. Depending on how you will be living, there will be differences in the paperwork you need to submit to the Home Office. Nonetheless, the following is a broad list of the documents you might want to submit:

  • If you or your family owns the lodging, a title deed or a mortgage agreement.
  • A letter from the estate/letting agent stating whether you rent your home or your landlord.
  • If you are staying with friends or relatives, a letter from them confirming that they are happy to host you is required.
  • If the friends or relatives own or rent the property, a title deed, mortgage agreement, or letter from the landlord or estate/letting agent should also be sent.
  • Proof proving the living space is not overcrowded and does not violate public health regulations, such as a housing assessment by a chartered surveyor.

UK fiance visa documents for the financial requirements

You may want to show the following documents to show the required funds:

  1. Bank statements prove that the minimum requirements are fulfilled by your sponsor’s income or cash savings.

Pay stubs from the job, together with an employer’s letter including information like: 

  • The title or position that was held
  • The duration of employment
  • Information about the pay, including the length of time it has been paid

UK fiance visa documents for language requirement

You have to show that you know enough English to apply for a Fiance visa. It usually takes the shape of an A1 pass certificate from an approved English language test, like the IELTS or another recognised source. Additionally, you can use the unique reference number that the test provider provided.

  • Proof of citizenship from a nation where the majority language is English is one of them.
  • Evidence of a physical or mental impairment that keeps you from fulfilling the language requirement.
  • Proof of a degree from the UK or one that was primarily taught or researched in English.

Suppose your degree was earned outside of the UK. In that case, you additionally need to have an Ecctis certificate attesting to the fact that it was taught in English and that it is at least comparable to a bachelor’s degree.


The UK Fiancé visa and the Proposed Civil Partner visa, like many others, require an essential amount of supporting documentation to be filed and granted. In addition to making sure you’ve answered all the questions the Home Office has, you also need to make sure your supporting documentation is in the correct format and sticks to the rules, as well as that it is convincing and compelling. My Legal Services can help if you need any additional help doing your paperwork for a UK Fiance visa application or with any other part of the application process.

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