Yorkville University: A Leader in Flexible, Accelerated, and Accessible Learning Experiences.

Yorkville University (YU) believes you should be able to pursue your personal and professional goals without putting your life on hold. However, for many people, including newcomers to Canada, parents, and working professionals, pursuing higher education can pose a variety of challenges.

That’s why YU is a different kind of university, offering a refreshing take on the traditional university experience. Established in 2004 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, YU has grown to be Canada’s largest private university. YU also has two campuses – one in Toronto, Ontario, and the other in Vancouver, B.C. In addition, the university offers online and on-campus degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels.

YU helps students make progress in their lives through flexible programs designed around their needs first; YU understands that students lead full and busy lives and offers an educational experience that empowers students to achieve their goals faster, often from the comfort of their own home.

For example, YU offers year-round study options, multiple start dates throughout the year, and optimum credit transfers based on previous learning. Their on-campus Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is offered in Toronto and Vancouver campuses, with starts in January, April, July, and October. These industry-recognized and accelerated business programs can be completed in as few as two-and-a-half years, versus the typical four years of study.

Meanwhile, their fully online, asynchronous graduate programs transcend geographical limits; last year, YU graduated students from every province and territory in Canada. Students connect with course material and peers without leaving their home and community, at times that best suit their schedule.

YU is a leader in graduate education in Canada, providing degrees in purpose-driven areas such as counseling psychology, educational leadership, and adult education (all of which are offered online only). The university is especially proud to offer a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP), as well as a Doctor of Counseling and Psychotherapy (DCP). Graduates of these programs contribute to Canada’s growing demand for mental health services.

In addition, YU offers two Master of Education (MEd) degrees. The Educational Leadership program is for those seeking leadership roles in the K-12 school system or within public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. The MEd in Adult Education is for those aiming to develop mastery of teaching adult learners in various contexts, including the public service, colleges, health sciences, and corporations. All YU programs bridge theory and practice, support professional career progression, and make a positive impact on society.

YU’s programs are approved by regulatory provincial agencies in British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick, and it has been ranked among Canada’s top online universities and holds accolades from education-focused magazines like University Magazine and Higher Education Digest.

Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, esteemed academic leader and President and Vice-Chancellor of YU, embodies the university’s mission of improving lives through the transformative power of education. Through her leadership, YU continues to deliver an exceptional learning experience that embodies their core values to fuel learning potential through a flexible and student-centric approach.

YU remains steadfast in its dedication to enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential amidst an era characterized by swift transformations and unpredictability. Enabling a new cohort of leaders, innovators, and catalysts for change, YU offers diverse program options, adaptable study pathways, and a supportive community environment. Recognized as a leading private university in Canada, Yorkville not only nurtures intellect but also cultivates futures.

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