Diet and Elderly Care 5 Ways to Help An Older Person to Stay Healthy

As they age, their needs alter in relation to their physical needs and their mental health as well as their diet. It can be difficult for people who are older to be forced to cut back on the sweets they enjoy and yet, as health problems increase and they are more susceptible to needing an ardent watcher throughout their lives to be sure they’re eating the correct diets!

What are some essential elements which an elderly person might require from their diet in order to ensure they are in good health? Here is a quick guide!

High B12 Foods

As they age as they age, their bodies are difficult to absorb B12 vitamin. This is the reason that in many facilities for seniors, such as the Signature Care Home in Farnham Common, you can find food items available which are high in vitamin B12, like liver, cereals, and Sardines. Vitamin B12 insufficient levels can trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression therefore, try to ensure that your elderly loved one is eating sufficient amounts of B12 to maintain their health.

Lean Meats

The majority of people enjoy eating fattier meats. As people age they may find themselves less enthusiastic about having change to healthier meats. But, lean meats are perfect if your relative is suffering from kidney or liver problems and also taste fantastic. White-skinned fish chicken, skinless meat and boiled eggs are all great choices to help keep your elderly loved ones well. If they suffer from problems in their kidneys or liver or are diabetic, be sure to talk with their physician prior to making any drastic modifications to their food.

Low Salt and Sugar

Everybody likes sugar and salt in their food. It tastes delicious and is a simple method to spice up many meals. As people age it is possible that they will suffer from heart problems (which may be made worse by salt) and may also experience issues with their pancreas which could increase the risk for developing diabetes. Therefore, ensure that your senior family member is not consuming too much sugar and salt intake and if you have concerns regarding their health, make sure to discuss it with their physician.

Plenty of Vegetables and Fruit!

Fruits and vegetables aren’t easy for people with a chronic illness to eat because they may be missing teeth or dentures which can be a challenge to eat apples and eating peppers!

For an older person stay fit, they need to consume 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. This will aid in fibre as well as digestion, and obviously, Vitamin C. If they are struggling to eat vegetables and fruits in their current state then it might be beneficial to boil the vegetables and fruits to make them soft and more palatable.


Seniors who suffer from complications with their kidneys or liver are advised to stay clear of alcohol consumption because, as you can imagine, it could cause more damage and worsen the damage to the organs. Returning to fruits and vegetables, if you can Try to get your loved ones to drink vegetable and fruit juices. They are healthy and hydrating, and boost vitamin levels. Hydration is a major issue for people with aging and it is important to ensure that they are drinking plenty of fluids, as well. If they’re experiencing issues regarding their waterworks, or retention, they should talk to their physician.

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