Can I apply for Replacement NICOP? if I am not currently in Pakistan?

Yes, you can apply for a replacement NICOP even if you do not currently reside in Pakistan. offers online NICOP application services, allowing Pakistanis living abroad to apply from any location in the world. Let’s know how to apply for it;

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Visit Nadra Card Center UK. You’ll need to create an account. Typically, this includes entering your email address and creating a password.

  • Choose a NICOP category that matches your eligibility.
  • Complete the online application form thoroughly and precisely.
  • Nadra requires individuals to submit personal, family, and address information.
  • You can contact Nadra’s representative via online chat or WhatsApp.
  • Provide scanned copies of supporting documents, such as passports, Pakistani ID cards, evidence of domicile, and photos.
  • Ensure documents meet specified file size and format criteria.
  • Pay the applicable NICOP application fee. Fees for various categories may differ.
  • When you have made your payment, you will receive an email along with a tracking number which can be used to see the status of your NCIOP.
  • You may get alerts and updates on the progress of your NICOP application.
  • Once your application is approved, you will get your NICOP via the method you choose.

NICOP Validity:

NICOPs are normally valid for 10 years. You can use the NICOP for up to 10 years after receiving it. Years will be calculated beginning on the day of issuance. To maintain a valid identity document, if you can apply for Nadra Card Renewal before it expires. To renew NICOP, email an application to, together with the necessary documentation and charges.

How We Help You?

The is your trustworthy partner for prompt and efficient support. Trust us to respond quickly to any questions or issues you may have. Our constant goal is to gain your trust by providing 100% satisfaction. Count on us to help you through any difficult issues you may face. We effort to meet all of your identity-related needs most conveniently. Getting your National Identification Card is now a simple process. Simply provide the necessary information for the document application, and we will handle your request within 5-7 or 2-4 business days.


In conclusion, applying for a replacement NICOP, even if you are not in Pakistan, is a simple process with With their online application services and timely support, you may easily receive your National ID card, guaranteeing your identification needs are handled regardless of your location.

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