Why You Need Eleveo for Workforce Optimization

Optimization of the workforce (WFO) can be described as the method of aligning the appropriate individuals, abilities, and resources to the correct tasks at the right time in order to attain the desired business results. WFO is vital for any company that wants to increase efficiency and productivity, customer satisfaction, and profit.

However, there are many differences between the various WFO solutions, which are all created to be equal. A lot of businesses still use old-fashioned or manual methods of managing their workforce, including spreadsheets, old systems, or intuitions. These methods are susceptible to mistakes, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies that could negatively impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.

In this post, we will discuss the reasons why Eleveo is the most suitable option for maximizing your workforce effectively and how it can assist you in overcoming the typical problems of inefficient management of your workforce.

Challenges of Inefficient Workforce Management:

The management of a workforce isn’t an easy job, particularly in today’s competitive and dynamic world. There are many challenges for businesses to face, including:

Forecasting is inaccurate 

Without accurate data or analytics, companies are unable to accurately forecast the amount of work and demands required to provide their service. This could result in staffing levels that are too high or low, which wastes resources, reduces the quality of service, and even frustrates customers and employees.

Scheduling inefficiencies

 Without an automated and flexible scheduling system, organizations aren’t able to effectively assign the correct agents to the correct tasks at the appropriate moment. This can result in schedule conflicts, gaps in skill idle time, or even overtime, which could decrease productivity, raise costs, and lower the morale of employees.

Low engagement among employee

If there isn’t enough guidance, feedback, or recognition, employees might be disengaged, unmotivated, or even exhausted. This can impact how they perform, their retention, and even their loyalty. All of which may influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Poor customer service 

In the absence of an unwavering and seamless experience for customers, companies will not be able to meet or surpass the expectations of customers. This could lead to customers complaining, being unhappy, or churning. These can harm the image and earnings of the company.

These issues can behave a major influence on the efficiency of a business. According to research from Aberdeen Group,have businesses that utilize manual or outdated WFO techniques can suffer as much as 17% less customers’ retention rates, 14% less retention of employees, 12% lower customer satisfaction,  and 11% less revenue growth when compared with the ones that employ modern WFO methods.

 Eleveo’s Features and Benefits:

Eleveo is a software solution for optimizing workforces that assists businesses in overcoming the issues of poor workforce management and gains the following advantages:

Automated Forecasting and Scheduling:

Eleveo utilizes AI as well as machine-learning to forecast the demand and workload for the company based on actual and historical data. It automatically matches demands for staff to the requirements and takes into consideration other aspects like skill availability, preferences, and compliance. Eleveo can also help businesses make and manage schedules on various channels, like email, chat, voice, and social media, as well as multiple skills,including language, product, service, or language. The features offered by Eleveo include:

Multi-channel, multi-skill scheduling

Eleveo enables businesses to plan agents based on their abilities and preferences, as well as assigning them the appropriate channel based on the client’s requirements and preferences. This makes sure that customers get connected to the right agent to answer their question and that agents are used to their fullest potential.

AI-powered optimization 

Eleveo utilizes AI to optimize schedules and staffing levels based on the fluctuating workload and demands. Additionally, it provides notifications and suggestions for making adjustments for such things as the addition or removal of agents, adjusting breaks, or changing shifts to ensure that the service is at optimum levels and efficiency.

Automated adherence tools

Eleveo monitors and tracks the agents’ activities and performance and compares them with the scheduled schedule. It also offers feedback and coaching for the agents to help improve their adherence and efficiency.

Utilizing Eleveo’s automatic forecasting, scheduling, and planning capabilities, business owners can reap these benefits:

Reduced costs for overtime

Eleveo helps businesses avoid overstaffing or understaffing that can lead to unnecessary expenses for overtime. Based on a case study by Eleveo, the leading insurance firm, the cost of overtime was cut by 50% after the use of the Eleveo WFO solution.

Increased utilization of agents

Eleveo helps businesses maximize the utilization of their resources by assigning the most appropriate agents to the right jobs at the right moment. This helps reduce idle time, enhances the quality of service, and improves customer satisfaction. Based on a study conducted by Eleveo, an international travel company has increased the utilization of its agents by 15% thanks to Eleveo’s WFO service.

Improved level of service

Eleveo assists businesses in meeting or surpassing their service level goals by ensuring they have sufficient agents to manage the load and the demand. This helps reduce waiting times, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts the loyalty of customers. In a third case study conducted by Eleveo, an industry-leading healthcare provider increased its service levels by 20% following the adoption of the Eleveo WFO solution.

Enhanced employee engagement and performance:

Eleveo can also help businesses improve their employees’ engagement and performance by giving them the resources and tools they require to be successful. The tools for managing performance offered by Eleveo include:

Real-time feedback

Eleveo provides agents with immediate feedback on their performance, including quality, adherence, and satisfaction scores. This assists agents in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement and helps them achieve their objectives.

The coaching modules are

Eleveo enables managers to design and assign personalised coaching plans to their agents according to their performance and feedback. The plans contain specific actions, targets, and deadlines, as well as learning materials and quizzes. Eleveo monitors and evaluates the effectiveness and progress of coaching programs and gives reports and alerts to agents and managers.

Resources for developing skills

Eleveo offers a library of online classes, including videos, articles, and other materials, which agents can access at any time and from anywhere to improve their abilities and understanding. They cover topics like product, service communication, sales, and compliance. Eleveo additionally allows agents to sign up for and attend classes, as well as provide feedback and ratings.

Alongside these tools for managing performance, Eleveo also offers features that improve employee experience and satisfaction, including:

Scheduling via self-service

Eleveo permits agents to access and manage their schedules online, on any device. Agents are also able to request modifications, swaps, or time off and then receive approval from their supervisors. This allows agents to have greater flexibility as well as control over their work/life balance, which lessens the administrative burden on managers.

Accessibility via mobile 

Eleveo’s mobile app allows users to view their calendars, performance information, and feedback, as well as coaching plans and learning resources, when they are on the go. This lets agents remain informed and connected about their progress and maximize their time and opportunities.

Gamification features

Eleveo incorporates gamification elements that include badges as well as leaderboards, points, and rewards in order to make the process more enjoyable and exciting. Agents earn badges and points for meeting their goals, completing their assignments, and learning new capabilities. They are also able to engage and collaborate with peers and redeem points to earn rewards, for example, vouchers, gift cards, or even prizes.

With Eleveo’s features, companies can reap the following advantages:

Motivated employees 

Eleveo helps employees feel appreciated, valued, and respected by giving them timely feedback as well as coaching and appreciation. This increases their confidence, morale, and enthusiasm, as well as enticing employees to do better and develop professionally.

Increased efficiency

Eleveo helps employees improve their efficiency in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and quality by giving them the resources and tools they require to enhance their skills and expertise. This improves their efficiency, decreases mistakes, and improves their efficiency.

A lower turnover rate

Eleveo helps employees increase their level of satisfaction, loyalty, and retention by providing them with greater freedom, autonomy, anenjoymentle. This helps reduce turnover, absenteeism, and attrition. It also reduces the time and costs associated with training and hiring new employees.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Eleveo assists businesses in making informed decisions based on data by offering them complete analytics and reporting capabilities. The tools used by Eleveo for reporting and analytics include:


Eleveo offers interactive, customized dashboards that present the most important indicators and metrics, like service level or occupancy, the average handle time, initial call resolution, client satisfaction, and the agent’s performance. These dashboards permit agents and managers to track and compare their performance over various channels, skill sets,teams, and, time frames, and to spot patterns, trentrends, other anomalies.

Tools for reporting

Eleveo offers a variety of reporting tools that allow agents and managers to produce, export, and share reports about various aspects of their work, like scheduling, forecasting quality, adherence and coaching, training, and compliance. These reports offer detailed and specific information, including the volume of calls, handle times, agents’ activities, customer feedback, and scores. The reports can be customized, filtered, and scheduled in accordance with the preferences of the customer and their needs.

Insights that can be implemented

Eleveo uses AI and machine learning to analyse the data to provide concrete insights and suggestions to agents and managers. These recommendations and insights provide suggestions to improve service levels and schedules, improve quality, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Eleveo also offers alerts and notifications regarding crucial events, including surges of demand, deviations from the schedule, and performance issues.

With Eleveo’s reporting analysis and reporting tools, companies will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Decision-making based on information

Eleveo helps businesses make well-informed and evidence-based choices by providing reliable, trustworthy, relevant, and reliable information. This allows businesses to develop, impleimplement,assess the effectiveness of their plans and strategies and optimize their results and performance.

Optimization of resources

Eleveo helps businesses optimize their resources by providing insight and suggestions for distributing their employees, time, and budget. This helps businesses maximize their efficiency, effectiveness, and profits, as well as minimize risk, waste and loss.

Process improvement

Eleveo helps businesses improve their processes, providing them with information and suggestions for improving their processes, policies, and procedures. This allows businesses to reduce their workload, improve their efficiency, and improve the level of customers’ satisfaction as well as loyalty.

Improved Customer Service

Eleveo assists businesses in improving their customer service by enhancing their customer interaction by matching agent skills as well as queue management and real-time monitoring of performance. Eleveo’s customer services features include:

Agent skill matching

Eleveo ensures that customers get connected to the most appropriate agent for their inquiry according to their preferred channel, language or product preferences. This decreases the number of transfers, escalations, and calls, while increasing customer satisfaction as well as resolution rates.

Queue management

 Eleveo manages queues for customers across various channels and then prioritizes customers according to their urgency, value, or loyalty. This helps reduce waiting times as well as abandonment rates and frustration, and it also increases service levels and retention.

Monitoring of performance in real-time

Eleveo monitors and tracks the interactions with customers as well as agent’s performance in real-time providing feedback and advice to agents. This allows agents to manage the interactions efficiently, effectively, and professionally, as well as increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Alongside these customer-service features, Eleveo also offers features to improve the customer experience and improve satisfaction for customers, including:

Recording calls and quality control

Eleveo archives and records all customer interactions across multiple channels. It also lets agents and managers analyze, review, and rate the interactions. This allows agents and managers to determine the quality of interactions, determine the most effective methods and areas for improvement, and offer feedback and training to agents. It also assists businesses in complying with legal and regulatory regulations and settling any complaints or disputes.

Interaction insight

Eleveo uses AI and machine learning to study customer interactions and provide insight into customers’ behavior, mood, and satisfaction. This helps agents and managers comprehend the needs of customers, as well as their expectations and preferences, and customize their offerings and services to meet their customers’ needs. This helps companies identify areas of pain for customers as well as opportunities and trends and help them improve their offerings and services.

Tracking customer satisfaction

Eleveo tracks and measures the satisfaction of customers and their loyalty by using different methods such as reviews, surveys, ratings,, and the net promoter score. It helps agents and managers gather and respond to feedback from customers, as well as improve their performance and service. It also assists businesses in evaluating and increasing their customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as boosting their customer retention and referrals.

With Eleveo’s customer support features, companies can reap the following advantages:

Shorter wait times

Eleveo helps businesses reduce the waiting times of their customers by directing the appropriate agents, managing their queues, and evaluating their performance. This improves the perception of customers as well as satisfaction. It also reduces customers’ discontent, frustration, and even abandonment.

Resolution rates that are higher

Eleveo helps businesses increase the resolution rates of their customers by supplying them with competent, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-prepared agents. They also provide employees with feedback, direction, and information. This enhances customer experience satisfaction as well as loyalty. It also reduces complaints from customers, callbacks, and customer churn.

Improved customer satisfaction 

Eleveo helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring they receive constant smooth, seamless, and personal service and by providing the chance to provide comments and feedback. This builds trust with customers as well as confidence and advocacy, as well as increasing retention of customers and referrals.

Case Studies and Success Stories:

To demonstrate the advantages and value of Eleveo, here are a few actual examples of businesses using Eleveo to optimize their workforce results:

  • Resource P.O.S. is a leading supplier of point-of-sale services specifically for the hospitality sector. Resource P.O.S. utilized Eleveo’s forecasting and scheduling tools to enhance coverage and schedules for its agent teams distributed across the globe. The result was that the company was able to meet their service-level agreements. It also improved its reputation as a brand and improved customers’ satisfaction and loyalty [14].  The company benefited from Eleveo’s forecasting and scheduling tools to improve coverage and loyalty.

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  • e4e: a worldwide provider of outsourcing services for business processes The company utilised the call recording software of Eleveo to increase customer satisfaction and ensure compliance. The firm recorded all of its calls. It also met the stringent security requirements of its internal staff and improved its quality control and coaching procedures [2] [55.
  • Rostelecom A top telecom company operating in Russia, Rostelecom, used Eleveo’s quality management suite to improve the efficiency of its quality management by 20% within a single year. The company achieved its monthly target for monitoring call calls as well as improved the efficiency of its agents and customer satisfaction, as well as decreased its costs for quality management [34666].

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