What You Need to Know About Collarbone Tattoos

Collarbone tattoos are a completely unique and elegant placement desire that has gained reputation in recent years. They are an amazing way to showcase your character and style. The purpose of this text is to inform readers approximately what to expect before getting a collarbone tattoo.

Collarbone Tattoo Pain

Collarbone tattoos are taken into consideration as more painful than others due to the skinny pores and skin and proximity to bone. To minimize aches, recall getting a tattoo just below or over the bone. Pain management pointers consist of taking painkillers, making use of numbing cream, and discussing ache tolerance with the artist.

Design and Placement

Collarbone tattoos offer a number of layout opportunities, from small designs to massive pieces that contain different regions. Placement can impact pain, visibility, and aesthetics. Temporary placements can help visualize the design before committing.

Visibility and Visibility Preferences

Collarbone tattoos are visible, depending on the garb and private choice. Consider the expert and social implications of tattoo visibility. If you are unsure, start with a small design and work your way up.

Cost and Time Commitment

The cost of a collarbone tattoo can range from $200 to $300, depending on the design and artist. The predicted time commitment is based on design size and complexity. A small design can take 30 minutes to an hour, while a bigger piece can take several hours.

The Tattooing Process

The tattooing process entails numerous steps, along with preparing the pores and skin, outlining the layout, and filling within the coloration. Aftercare instructions provided with the aid of the artist may encompass cleansing, moisturizing, and sun safety.

Collarbone Tattoos Hurt

Getting a collarbone tattoo can be more painful than other spots due to the lack of fatty tissues and proximity to bone. The stage of pain you experience will depend on exactly when you’re getting the tattoo. If it’s proper on the bone, it’ll harm a lot. Some even feel like they’re getting their necks tattooed as opposed to their collarbones because of the strong vibrations at some point in the tattooing process. However, there are ways to limit pain, together with taking painkillers, making use of numbing cream, and discussing pain tolerance with the artist

Some human beings have suggested that obtaining the collarbone tattooed almost feels like the neck is also getting tattooed because of the vibrations from the needle.

This can be a boon for a first-timer due to the fact that any tattoo received upon getting your clavicle inked doesn’t harm nearly as much. Now, if you choose the fleshier vicinity simply under the bone, you won’t experience nearly as much pain as if you overlayed the bone. Either way, be prepared for some stinging.

Don’t you want to sense the pain in any respect? You can call up your tattoo artist and ask about the use of numbing cream.

Placement Is Essential

The vicinity of a tattoo can make or ruin the layout. So reflect on exactly where you want your collarbone tattoo to be located. Does it move immediately at the bone? Under the bone or above it? Inking everywhere at the bone is going to be the most uncomfortable, but the end result may be one of a kind.

Other matters to ask yourself consist of

What type of shirts do you wear most commonly? Your favorite style of apparel can detract from your tattoo if the collar covers it.

If you’re getting a textual content tattoo, do you need one lengthy, uninterrupted declaration or a larger paragraph? The length of the tattoo additionally influences placement.

You may also want to recall the extensions of the tattoo. You might want to make the tattoo larger than just along the collarbone. For example, the ink may want to descend all the way down to the chest muscular tissues or alongside the neckline. Ultimately, you have the ultimate say in the way you want your tattoo to look, so make certain to assess the pros and cons of all of the placement alternatives and the way everyone would look at you.

Various designs and styles are available.

Collarbone tattoos are a declaration piece. Not only are clavicle pieces enormously visible, but in addition, they seize attention, no matter their layout. This is why you could opt for a delicate cursive script or a small picture and get the same end result as a chest piece that extends closer to or past the collarbones.

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In other words, the collarbones are a versatile area. You can get inspiring words or sentimental symbols. Flying birds, song notes, and feathers are all popular selections. If you’re searching for a collarbone tattoo that makes use of wording, make certain you’re going to a reputable tattoo shop in Philadelphia, like Oracle Tattoo. An artist who does exemplary line paintings is precisely what you’ll need!

The Healing Process Has Special Considerations

Getting a tattoo on the clavicle will feel like another tattoo—however, maybe a chunk is extra painful. However, that doesn’t suggest the recovery time is going to be longer. As with most tattoos, you could take precautionary steps to ensure that your ink doesn’t get inflamed.

How to Heal a Collarbone Tattoo

Keep the wrapping from the tattoo shop on your collarbone until you get home.

Gently take off the wrapping, wash it with a few drops of soap and water, and then apply some ointment.

  • Re-wrap your tattoo earlier than bedtime or every time you propose on shifting around or gambling a contact game.
  • Apply antibacterial ointment to the tattoo two times an afternoon and wash it with water and unscented soap some times for the duration of the day.
  • Repeat this procedure for a couple of weeks. Continue applying unscented lotion to the tattoo to keep the skin moisturized. Avoid swimming, warm water, and sunshine for the duration of the recuperation technique to defend your tattoo from fading, pain, and infections.
  • Special Considerations For Clavicle Tattoos
  • After getting your snazzy new collarbone tattoo, there are a few aftercare concerns you want to realize, approximately:
  • During the primary couple of weeks, keep away from using heavy backpacks, purses, ebook luggage, and totes on the shoulder.
  • Before going to sleep, apply some lotion or wrap the tattoo. New ink has an addiction to sticking to bedding.

If you put on bras, you are going to want to buy a strapless bra to use while the tattoo heals. Wear off-shoulder tops, halter tops, or pass shirtless as often as you can.

Healing and Aftercare

Collarbone tattoos can take up to 2 weeks to heal. Detailed aftercare pointers include cleansing the tattoo with a little soap and water, applying a thin layer of ointment, and fending off direct sunlight.

Potential Risks and Complications

Possible dangers include contamination, hypersensitive reactions, and scarring. If you experience any unusual signs, contact your doctor without delay.


Does the collarbone harm the tattoo?

Yes, getting a collarbone tattoo can be more painful than other spots due to the shortage of fatty tissues and proximity to bone. The level of pain you experience will depend on exactly where you’re getting the tattoo. If it’s right on the bone, it’ll harm plenty. Some even feel like they’re getting their necks tattooed instead of their collarbones due to the strong vibrations throughout the tattooing process. However, there are ways to limit pain, including taking painkillers, applying numbing cream, and discussing pain tolerance with the artist.

How long does a collarbone tattoo take to heal? 

Collarbone tattoos can take up to two weeks to heal. The outer layer heals within three weeks, and the internal layer can also take close to six weeks to heal. It’s vital to observe the aftercare pointers provided by the artist, which include cleansing the tattoo with mild cleaning soap and water, making use of a thin layer of ointment, and heading off direct sunlight.

How do you sleep with a collarbone tattoo? 

It’s recommended to avoid slumbering in your belly or aspect for the first few days after getting a collarbone tattoo. Instead, try slumbering on your back with a pillow to elevate your head and prevent the tattoo from rubbing against the sheets. You can also use an easy towel or cloth to cover the tattoo, even while drowsing, to prevent inflammation.

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