The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA

Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA, is home to a colourful tattoo scene that offers an extensive range of styles and designs. This manual seeks to help readers navigate the tattoo revel in Philadelphia by offering a complete overview of the process. The manual is divided into 5 sections, each of which covers a specific element of the tattoo experience.


Philadelphia, PA, has a wealthy history of tattooing, with a thriving community of artists and fanatics. Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo collector or a first-timer, this manual will help you navigate the tattoo scene in Philadelphia with self assurance.

The purpose of this manual is to offer readers a complete overview of the tattoos enjoyed in Philadelphia. We’ll cover the whole lot, from finding the suitable store to deciding on the proper artist and getting ready for your appointment.

Finding Your Perfect Shop

Philadelphia is a metropolis of neighborhoods, each with its own unique vibe and character. When it comes to locating the precise tattoo, it’s essential to consider the neighborhood you’re in. Some neighborhoods are known for conventional tattoos, while others are regarded for avant-garde designs.

Choosing the Right Artist

Choosing the proper artist is one of the most critical choices you’ll make when getting a tattoo. In this section, we’ll provide pointers for figuring out your favored style, which includes traditional, sensible, nice line, or blackwork. We’ll additionally advocate inspecting artist portfolios online and in person, discussing your ideas, finances, and expectations with talented artists, and deciding on an artist you feel comfortable with.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Preparing for your tattoo appointment is critical to ensuring a fantastic experience. In this section, we’ll propose learning and finalizing your tattoo layout, including reference photos, thought boards, and consultations. We’ll also endorse making plans for pain control by discussing alternatives with your artist and understanding your limits. Additionally, we’ll advocate consuming healthy foods, staying hydrated, and getting a great night’s sleep before your appointment. Finally, we’ll recommend bringing payment, identity, reference materials, and cushty apparel to your appointment.

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The Tattoo Process

The tattoo technique may be intimidating, especially if you’re a primary-timer. In this segment, we’ll offer an outline of what to expect at the store and at some stage in the tattoo consultation. We’ll additionally advocate speaking along with your artist with the aid of expressing worries, adjusting the layout, and taking breaks. Finally, we’ll propose following aftercare commands, inclusive of right cleansing, moisturizing, preventing infection, and understanding the restoration process.

How to Choose the Right Tattoo for You

Start by finding an idea for your tattoo. Check out tattoos on Pinterest or other social media websites, and make a list of your favorite thoughts.

Next, narrow down the list to 3 tattoo designs that you’re actually excited about! Once you’ve got the ones narrowed down, it’s time for some studies:

Check if any of your pals has tattoos, just like the only one you want from your list

Find out what the tattoo symbolizes and if it’s a religious or tribal layout that wishes special permission

Look up evaluations of the Philadelphia tattoo artist you’re searching at if you want to see how they paint with their customers.

Once you have all this information collectively on your three designs, decide which one is ideal for you!

Choosing Size And Placement Of Your Tattoo

It’s constantly crucial to think about the scale and site of your tattoo. This is something you’ll need to talk about with your artist beforehand. The nice way to do this is by sketching out a hard concept of the tattoo and filling it in collectively! Intricate tattoo designs usually require a greater area.

If your tattoo goes to be on a touchy area, like the neck or face, then you could want to don’t forget to get an artist that focuses on those areas. In that manner, they’ll recognize what varieties of surfaces will work well and how to avoid positive troubles.

How do I decide between a custom tattoo and a tattoo?

In the tattoo enterprise, there are two types of tattoos: custom and flash. Custom tattoos are created by an artist from scratch, while flash tattoos are pre-made off of stock pix or designs that have been amassed over time.

Custom tattoos commonly require more attention before being drawn out because they’re not using any kind of set layout to work with. The size, placement, shades, or even meaning can all vary depending on what you need! On the other hand, flash tattoos already carry their very own short history within them so it’s easy for artists to just draw up something primarily based on those ideas; less need to do a whole lot of research beforehand about what you need in view that the entirety has already been carried out for you earlier! Flash tattoos can be a splendid desire in case you’re not sure what type of layout would work best for your body!

Most tattoo artists prefer to do custom paintings. They experience the process of creating a tattoo from scratch and need to create something that is honestly unique for them. This also means they’re capable of making changes if need be, so it’s definitely really worth stepping into touch with them well in advance to invite any questions you may have and get an awesome concept of what they’re operating with!

How much does a tattoo cost in Philadelphia?

A Good Tattoo isn’t Cheap, and a Cheap Tattoo generally isn’t Good

The price of a tattoo is determined by many factors. These are the size, intricacy, region, and artist’s knowledge, all of which make up for the length of time it’s going to take to do the work.

Typically, expenses can vary depending on where you live in Philadelphia. However, don’t forget that first-class has its very own well worth too- In any case, your skin artwork should last a life-time so why not spend extra money a little extra prematurely and protect yourself from capability regret later? Most artists will charge with the aid of the hour for huge and custom portions and many portions can take between two and eight hours to complete.

It’s continually first-class to invite how a good deal a tattoo expenses earlier than committing! Tattoo artists are more than glad to talk about expenses with you beforehand, so don’t be afraid to inquire about it no matter where you go with your tattooing desires inside the Philadelphia vicinity.

Always Tip Your Philadelphia Tattoo Artist

As in all situations, tipping is elective. However, in the tattoo industry, it’s predicted and must be a given.

It is customary to tip your artist everywhere from 15-30% of what you pay for the carrier in the event that they did a super job or went above and beyond with their work! This will show them that you recognize all that they’ve done.

The Process of Getting a Tattoo

Consultation and Booking

After you’ve completed your studies and reached out to the artist of your choice, you’ll be invited to go to the shop for a consultation. This is your threat to meet the artist and speak any specifics which you’d like them to take into account before drawing out a design

For example, they may ask approximately the size of the tattoo, placement, coloring desired, and meaning behind it all. Make positive reference pictures or drawings, if feasible, so that the artist can get an idea of what you’re searching for! This helps position their minds into action extra efficiently, which results in much less time wasted on back-and-forth conversations among artists and customers as well as faster turnarounds for appointments.

Preparing For Your First Philadelphia Tattoo Session

Here’s a list of things you have to keep in mind before you get your new Philadelphia tattoo.

  • Be calm. Getting a tattoo is an interesting procedure; however, don’t let your adrenaline get the best of you!
  • Rest properly. Make certain you’re properly-rested and calm before your appointment. You don’t need to be exhausted or groggy while the tattoo is being finished.
  • Be sober. This is an apparent one; however, it’s really worth citing once more. Your tattoos are more likely to heal, and you’ll experience the experience more if you’re sober.
  • Be smooth. The artist needs to peer into your skin in as clear a state as possible. Remove any dust, make-up, piercings, or other items that might get in the way of your new Philadelphia tattoo.
  • Bring money. This is an apparent one too; however, it’s worth mentioning once more. Your Philadelphia tattoo artist will want to be paid a deposit before their work starts off.
  • Bring water & snacks. You’re going to be sitting nonetheless for a while. Make sure you’ve got a few bottles of water and snacks handy so that your body can keep up with the needs of healing.
  • Bring something to distract you. This may additionally sound silly; however, have an audiobook or TV show on hand just in case. When unsure, track tends to be the first-rate distraction.
  • Bring a friend, but not your mother. Friends are much more likely to maintain your calm for the duration of the process as well as take care of you.

Bring your Philadelphia tattoo artist a thanks card or gift! This is genuinely not expected, but it will show that you recognize their work.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

The reality is that it could hurt! It all depends on the artist, placement, and your personal threshold for pain. Tattoos are an art form, and they all have their own style and approach that unite them aside from the following. Some regions of your frame can be more touchy than others, so make sure to ask about this ahead!

A not unusual area for people to sense ache is their ribs or lower back place when laying down because it takes some getting used to having a needle poke into you time and again.

Some tattoos will harm less as time goes on, while others won’t without a doubt harm at any point throughout the procedure. All things considered, there is no way of telling how much something will hurt until later on (unless you’re able to get tattooed without numbing cream).

Here is a list of a few dos and Dont’s Do’s :

  • Afterward, pat it dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply ointments to the tattoo and cover it with a bandage.
  • Keep an eye on your new Philadelphia tattoo for any signs of contamination. If you say whatever is ordinary, tell your artist right away!


  • Don’t reveal your new Philly Tattoo to direct daylight without right protection.
  • Don’t scratch or pick out on the restoration region;
  • Don’t use alcohol-primarily based products (yes this includes hand sanitizer); they will cause more irritation than is important. It’s better to keep away from them altogether if feasible;
  • Be positive and no longer put on a tight garb over your fresh ink; this may cause pores and skin issues like rashes or sores.

The Tattoo Healing Process

Most tattoos heal at the surface layer within the first couple of weeks, but it could take up to four months for the ink to completely heal into your skin.

During this time, you have to be conscious of not scratching or picking on the healing location, as these moves are common causes of infection and could slow down the process immensely! Once all signs and symptoms of bleeding have stopped, observe ointments two times an afternoon on clean, dry pores andskin.; Strive not to touch your new Philly tattoo with grimy arms due to the fact that oils from our hands can worsen fresh tattoos once they’re seeking to heal.

Tattoo After-Care Products

We continually ask if it says tattoo aftercare on the label. Run. Typically, exceptional tattoos have no heady scent or fancy labels. We suggest using an easy A+D ointment or Aquaphor. Avoid Vaseline and petroleum jelly.

Last but not least, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and talk up if there’s anything that worries you. If you’ve got any questions about tattoos in or around Philadelphia, PA feel free to give us a call.

Long-Term Care for a New Tattoo

After about four to six months, your skin within the tattoo region has absolutely recovered and you’ll be searching for your tattoo via a layer of useless skin cells that incorporate no tattoo pigment. This can have muted the vividness of your colorings and given your tattoo a greater herbal, stunning beauty.

  • Keep your skin moisturized. Try to apply a moisturizer with SPF regularly and build up your lotion over time.
  • Apply ointments two times each day to easy, dry skin for up to 6 months. Continue making use of it until the tattoo is fully healed. Avoid using petroleum jelly or Vaseline due to the fact they can cause more inflammation than necessary and make it difficult for oxygenation of cells so that the healing technique will gradually slow down.
  • Avoid direct sunlight without proper protection; this includes tanning beds too! The sun’s UV rays can alternate your shade pigmentation through the years, which will become obtrusive while you start looking older. Solar exposure additionally will increase the risks for most cancers, so bear this in mind (especially if you’re going to have any tattoos around sensitive regions like fingers).
  • Maintain a healthy weight loss program. Keep your body nourished by ingesting a balanced diet and ingesting masses of water.
  • Keep an eye fixed on your new Philadelphia tattoo for any signs of contamination. If you notice anything strange, tell your artist immediately!

If the pores and skin start to crimson or become infected in any way after about six months of tattooing, we advocate seeing a dermatologist. It could be something as simple as dry pores and skin; however, it is safer than sorry. Don’t scratch or choose at the healing region; if there is ever any crusty construct-up from ointments, allow them to shape off naturally, then lightly cast off with a tissue paper soaked in warm water (or use infant oil). Avoid selecting at scabs due to the fact this can handiest increase inflammation and sluggish down the process

Avoid extra weight advantage or weight reduction.

When Tattoos Go Wrong

We have all made awful decisions in life but getting an awful tattoo can be one of the worst. The top information is that there are all styles of strategies for casting off or repairing a terrible tattoo

Tattoo Removal Methods

There are many techniques for casting off tattoos, including laser remedies and surgical excision.

Laser Tattoo Removal (Non-surgical)

The lasers used in tattoo elimination have a special wavelength that targets the ink of the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Laser treatment is recommended in case you don’t mind a touch of pain or pressure to get rid of your Philadelphia tattoo.

Laser Removal

The elimination technique with lasers is just like the old school ink eraser on a blackboard: it’s an intense and targeted beam that lasts only milliseconds, so you don’t sense tons of pain other than a few mild heatings up across the area being handled. But for years, practitioners had been able to put off tattoos with lasers that might be tuned to a particular colour.

Laser Tattoo Removal (Surgical)

The surgical excision technique is a whole lot more invasive and calls for an incision in the pores and skin so the laser can damage tattoo pigment underneath the direct view of your surgeon. It’s also one of the most costly techniques for eliminating your Philadelphia tattoo, but it can be a very good choice.


What are the rules for tattoos in PA?

 In Pennsylvania, the Department of Health regulates the frame art enterprise to ensure the safety of customers and artists. Tattoo customers need to be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo, except for minors aged 16 or 17 who can get a tattoo with written parental consent and the presence of a parent or felony guardian all through the consultation. There are not any specific regulations on the position of tattoos in Pennsylvania, so you’re free to get a tattoo anywhere in your body. Tattoo artists need to be at least 18 years old and authorized to function in Pennsylvania.

What do I want to know before getting a tattoo? 

Before getting a tattoo, it’s critical to have a clear idea of the imagery you need and to choose a skilled artist who can create the look you’re after. You need to additionally remember the fashion, design, color, and size of your tattoo, in addition to the ache, aftercare, and elimination options. It’s encouraged to drink lots of water before getting a tattoo to stay hydrated and keep away from dehydrating yourself.

What do you want to turn out to be a tattoo artist in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there’s no requirement for tattoo artists to obtain a license to operate. However, some counties and some towns have their own requirements for opening tattoo shops or tattoo establishments and certification necessities that expert tattoo artists must comply with. For instance, Philadelphia County calls for tattoo artists to apply for a certification, which charges $40,000 and expires three years from its issue date. Tattoo artists need to actually have a valid license to function in the majority of Pennsylvania counties and cities. To become a tattoo artist, you can secure an apprenticeship or be self-taught, learn to use a tattoo system, and get certified for your state.

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