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Working on a comparative religion dissertation? Well, students find it challenging to craft such dissertations aptly because the religious profile of the world is quickly changing, and the number of young people switching faiths is rapidly increasing.

According to the Pew Research Center, the future of all global religions is not exactly prosperous. With the population increase, the world will see a smaller proportion of people following certain religions. The image below depicts the same phenomenon:

To help you write a first-class dissertation on comparative religion topics and ideas, we have gathered some helpful guidelines. If you follow these guidelines for writing your papers, rest assured that you will be getting your dream grades in your work.

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Comparative Religion Dissertation Writing Help and Tips – 2024 Version

Per a ScienceDirect report, the very basic and common ground in comparative religions was ethnographic and historical particularism. When writing a dissertation on the rising global religious trends, you have to take care of the demographic projections of the research.

Apart from the research work, your supervisor shall expect you to follow a certain structural layout in your papers. The guidelines to follow in this regard are written below:

1. Introduction of the Dissertation

You should start by establishing the research topic of your comparative religion dissertation and tell the research purpose to the readers. They should know what to expect from you in the rest of the work.

After that, you should focus on defining the focus of your work and relate it to the broader perspective. Your introduction should be engaging, clear, and concise for the sake of readers’ understanding.

2. Theoretical Framework

Before you start the research work, conduct a literature review for your work and keep it outlined to maintain the structure of your comparative religion dissertation. Include the following elements in it:

● Collect the sources of work.

● Evaluate the sources critically and analyse them.

● Draw the connections between the available data.

Basically, it consists of the description of existing research on religion and politics around the globe. It also establishes the credibility of your religious study of belief systems.

3. Methodology

The methodology of your comparative religion dissertation describes the ways and methods you use to conduct your research. It lets the readers see the validity of your work.

So, you should include the following in your work:

● Details of where your research was conducted

● The overall type of research and approach

● The methods you used to analyse the data

● The materials and tools you use for work

In simple words, here you tell the readers how you conducted your research and tell them about the details of the materials you used for it.

4. Results

Here, you simply state the answers to the research questions of your comparative religion dissertation. Make sure that you do not start discussing the results in great detail. In this section, it shall be better to add as many graphs and charts as suitable to explain your findings to the readers.

The visual above, taken from the Pew Research Center, shows the result of the future of global religions. You shall have to add similar images to your work.

You must avoid repeating the given information on the topic – just try to state the results clearly and be done with it. If you need to add extra data, add it in the appendix section of your work.

5. Discussion

In this part of your comparative religion dissertation, you shall have the freedom to compare different religious traditions & religious practices that are followed around the globe. Discuss the results of your research papers in detail and re-establish your thesis statement.

You can also reference the existing scholarly work on the comparative study of religious research topics in the modern world. You can also review the work of your peers on religion dissertation topics to get a better idea of what to include in your papers.

6. Conclusion

The conclusion of your comparative religion dissertation must concisely answer the basic research questions and leave the audience of your work with a clear understanding of your main argument.

Try to wrap up your work with a final and concise reflection on how you crafted your work and what methods you used for it. Show to the readers how your results contribute to the field and how your research work matters.

Also, you should avoid adding new ideas and arguments in the conclusion of your dissertation on a comparative study of religious communities and religious research.

7. Reference List

Here, in the reference list of your comparative religion dissertation, you should include all the details of the sources that you cite in your reference list. Keep in mind that you have to follow a consistent referencing style when organising this section. The most common referencing styles used by the universities are these two:

1. Harvard referencing style

2. Vancouver referencing style

To save time when making the reference list, you should use citation management software and ensure that your citations are formatted in a consistent manner.

8. Appendices

So, if you want, you can also add an appendices chapter at the end of your comparative religions dissertation. This chapter shall contain the extra important information that shall contribute towards answering your research questions.

If there are some documents that you cannot include in the main body of your work (such as surveys, tables, and transcripts), you should add them in the transcripts chapter. Also, if you need specific help, you should review some dissertations for comparative religion students.


So, wrapping up the talk above, these are the guidelines to follow when writing your comparative religion dissertations. If your department has specified some specific instructions to follow for academic writing, ensure that you follow them when listing your findings in the work.

The general instructions include that your dissertation on comparative religion must be free from all sorts of plagiarism, and there must be no AI content in your papers. Make sure that you have crafted your papers from scratch and your dissertation is original.

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