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The delicate charm of vintage chairs

Have a close look at the collections of new furniture in stores. They are all incredibly similar to each other. This is because modern authors are inspired by the design masterpieces of their predecessors. Vintage mid century chairs are very successful attempts to combine comfort, functionality, rational use of space and materials.

For example, Eames plastic chair DSW (Dining Height Side Chair Wood Base) is considered to be the most replicated and imitated design.

The history of the invention of the Eames DSW vintage chair

This model was born in 1950 and was the first to use plastic in mass production. The inventors were American designers married Charles and Ray Eames. In the post-war years they wanted to create something affordable, but stylish and functional. They succeeded perfectly:

  • This vintage chair adapts amazingly to each person’s physique. The backrest profile is still considered the most comfortable. A little structural flexibility ensures adaptability.
  • The idea has become universal. The Eames vintage chair successfully entered the design of interiors of houses, flats, cafés, public spaces. The model was light and mobile, which opened up new horizons for experimentations.
  • Over time, the basic palette of three neutral colors was expanded to a grandiose scale. Now it includes many colors and the possibility of upholstering with different fabrics.
  • Children also love this vintage chair. Special smaller copies are produced for them.
  • This design keeps up with the times. Modern improvements are aimed at making the design even more comfortable, and the palette more interesting.

Now you can buy such a new vintage style chair in almost every furniture store. At the same time, it has long been an art object in museums of modern art. But what if you want that very rare copy?

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