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Guide to hiring a full-time Ruby on Rails developer in 2024

Do you need Ruby programmers to join your team? If that’s the case, you’ll be an expert by the time you’ve finished reading this guide. Expertise in Ruby is highly sought after since it is used by industry heavyweights such as Airbnb, Github, Shopify, Bloomberg, etc.

Finding, hiring, and retaining a skilled ruby developer is challenging. Competencies in technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and time management are required. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to assist you to hire ruby on rails developer.

What to look for when hiring a ruby developer for your website?

When advertising open positions, various firms may need varying degrees of Ruby programming experience from candidates. There might be a junior level, an intermediate level, and an advanced level. To excel in their industry, developers must have both technical and soft skills.

That’s why, before you start your search for a new Ruby developer, you should have a clear picture of your ideal candidate in mind. Here is a quick list of skills that every developer, from amateur to expert, will need to succeed with Ruby:

  1. Possessing ruby programming skills

Because of its portability and versatility, Ruby is used for a wide variety of projects, from desktop applications and static websites to automation software and data processing services. Knowledge of Ruby and the robust Rails framework may help developers accomplish a lot.

  • Have experience with Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Ruby on Rails, a Ruby-based web application development framework, is often used for large-scale projects with frequent iterations and heavy traffic, as well as for minimal viable products. As such, a Ruby developer’s experience with the Ruby on Rails framework is assumed.

  • Automated test running

Ruby’s famed specialized functions, such as runtime methods, might speed up the automation process. Developers without relevant expertise will struggle to create reliable test automation scripts.

Therefore, before recruiting Ruby programmers, you should ensure they are familiar with automated testing and all of its components. This data might be used to ensure the software is functioning as expected.

  • Expertise in API design and development

Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide communication between various applications. They should be able to share data and follow protocols without much difficulty.

Ruby developers must be API experts to comprehend the interplay between programs. They should be well-versed in the framework provided by the public classes, methods, and attributes that govern such cooperation.

  • Database

To create fast, secure, and reliable applications, Ruby developers need expertise with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. Data management, issue fixing, and improved application speed might all benefit from its utilization.

  • Knowledgeable in one’s field

A dedicated Ruby developer has to be well-versed in databases, have expertise integrating data from several sources, and be comfortable with APIs. Expertise in a variety of projects and the ability to persevere through difficult situations are also necessary for a successful career as a Ruby developer.

  • Effective communication

To encourage effective teamwork, a developer may need to simplify advanced technical concepts for a large audience. Ruby experts should be fluent in speaking to both technical and lay audiences.

  • Case studies

The best way to display a developer’s work is via a portfolio. The collaborative and individual efforts of the artists are on full display. Examining a candidate’s portfolio is a great approach to learning about their past work and expertise. The recruiter’s complete focus is required while reviewing developer portfolios.

  • Current with the latest trends

Ruby experts should constantly be up-to-date on the most cutting-edge industry developments. Using this data, we may develop better products and systems, as well as try out novel solutions to old issues.

Finding and hiring ruby developers

Choose from the three approaches described here to locate and hire the best-qualified Ruby developers for your company.

  1. Outsourcing

Even if you’re strapped for time, money, or other resources, you can still locate reliable and skilled Ruby developers on deep employment sites like Turing. The outsourcing platform eliminates the need for you to do time-consuming and resource-draining tasks such as sourcing, interviewing, and managing developer candidates.

  • Ruby freelancers

If you need a programmer but your project is small, a freelancer is your best bet. There is a large pool of qualified Ruby developers available for hire on many different platforms. This method of hiring has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hiring a freelance developer may be the most affordable choice sometimes, but it may need regular communication to make sure work is being done. When looking to hire a freelancer, it’s important to take into account their level of experience and previous projects. There is always a chance that the person you hire may turn out to be the wrong fit for the job.

  • Full-time developer

Sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc., may help you get started in your quest for full-time developers. You should take your time while interviewing prospects and choosing a developer because of the long-term benefits. If you want to attract top talent for your available job, you need to be specific about the responsibilities and qualifications needed.


This ruby developer recruitment guide can help you identify skilled candidates. What particular skills do you recommend the developer have given your level of expertise? Where can I locate competent Ruby programmers for employment? How much would you estimate it would cost to hire one?

You are aware of and prepared to prevent common traps that may arise throughout the hiring process. Keep in mind that as soon as a desirable new worker becomes available, companies will be scrambling to get their hands on them.

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