Why Does Apple Music Volume Keep Changing? (Do These Fixes)

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Make certain “Sound Check” is off. It now and again adjusts the extent of songs from Apple Music with some machine updates. Also, turn off the attention features.

Four to five seconds into a song, you will notice the Apple Music Volume Changing. This happens when you are streaming songs on-line and listening to them offline.


Apple Music, since its inception, has quickly climbed the charts to become one of the leading music streaming platforms globally. Competing with giants like Spotify and Tidal, it boasts a vast music library, catering to all genres, moods, and cultures. With its exclusive content and curated playlists, the platform promises an unparalleled musical experience for its users.

Mention of the volume changing issue faced by users

However, of late, a recurring issue has been plaguing some users – unexpected volume fluctuations. While listening to their favorite tracks, users have reported unexpected rises and falls in volume, often without any discernible pattern.

History and Evolution of Apple Music

A brief history of Apple Music since its launch

Launched in 2015, Apple Music emerged as Apple’s answer to the growing demand for music streaming services. Building upon the legacy of iTunes, Apple Music integrated vast libraries with exclusive releases, quickly gaining millions of subscribers.

Key milestones and updates

Some noteworthy milestones include its acquisition of Beats Electronics, the introduction of live radio stations like Beats 1, and collaborations with renowned artists for exclusive album releases. Over the years, periodic updates have added features and improvements, enhancing user experience consistently.

Understanding the Apple Music Volume Changing Issue

Description of the volume changing problem

The volume issue manifests as abrupt changes in song volume. Whether it’s a sudden dip in volume during an intense song moment or an unexpected rise while enjoying soft tunes, users are finding these changes perplexing and frustrating.

User testimonials

Many users have voiced their concerns on forums and social media. Jake from New York mentions, “I was listening to some classical music, and suddenly the crescendo parts just dipped in volume.” Meanwhile, Clara from London says, “It’s like Apple Music has a mind of its own, deciding when I need loud music and when I don’t.”

Here are five things you could do to restore the problem:

 Disable the “Sound Check” Feature

Sound Check is a feature in Apple devices that is, on the whole, designed to play audio tracks at a steady rate. While its intentions are good—to prevent drastic quantity changes among songs—it sometimes interferes with the supposed quantity of individual tracks or albums.

Steps to Disable

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Apple device.
  • Scroll down and pick out “Music.”
  • Look for the “Playback & Sounds” section.
  • Toggle off the transfer subsequent to “Sound Check.”


Disabling this feature might also result in a few songs playing louder or softer than others, depending on their authentic recording extent. However, it may rectify surprising fluctuations experienced by a few customers.

Change the Audio Quality to Hi-Res Lossless

Apple Music offers lossless audio, a compression format that keeps each element of the authentic audio report. Hi-Res Lossless supplies an excellent, more satisfactory sound experience.

Steps to Change

  • In the “Settings” app, navigate to “Music.”
  • Select “Audio Quality.”
  • Under “Cellular Streaming” or “Wi-Fi Streaming,” select “Hi-Res Lossless.”


Hi-Res Lossless calls require extra statistics and may consume more battery. Ensure you’re using well suited headphones or an audio system to absolutely benefit from the improved audio high-quality.

Match Background sound Volume with Media

iOS gadgets permit historical sounds (like notifications) to play alongside media. By matching their volumes, you may prevent sudden, loud interruptions.

Steps to Match

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Sounds & Haptics.”
  • Scroll to “Lower Volume of Other Sounds.”
  • Turn on “With Media.”


This setting ensures that once media plays, notification sounds won’t be considerably louder, creating a harmonious listening experience.

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Activate Attention Aware Features Off

On devices with Face ID, the Attention Aware feature checks in case you’re searching at the tool and may decrease the extent of indicators in case you are. This might interfere with media playback quantity.

Steps to Turn Off

  • Navigate to “Settings” and select “Face ID & Passcode.”
  • Toggle off “Attention Aware Features.”


Turning this off means your device won’t dynamically regulate alert volumes based totally on your interests. It ensures regular notifications.

Choose “Reset All Settings” if everything else fails.

If you’ve attempted diverse answers but nonetheless face quantity problems, a broader reset might be the solution. Note that this might not erase personal facts, but it’s going to revert all settings to their defaults.

Steps to Reset

  • Go to “Settings” and pick out “General.”
  • Scroll down and pick out “Reset.”
  • Select “Reset All Settings.” You is probably asked to go into your passcode.


This action resets all settings, because of this, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth pairings, and customized settings can be reverted to default. It’s a complete answer, while specific troubleshooting would not resolve the problem.


Why does Apple Music keep converting extent?

Answer: Sometimes, Apple Music adjusts the extent to make all songs sound approximately the same loudness. This is so that you don’t get a high-quality loud music after a quiet one.

How do I forestall Apple Music from turning the quantity down?

Answer: Go to the Settings in your iPhone. Scroll down and faucet on ‘Music’. Then, search for an choice known as “Sound Check” and turn it off. This must assist!

Why is my tune quantity converting?

Answer: There will be some reasons. One reason is the “Sound Check” function in Apple Music. Also, sometimes in case you get a notification or a name, your smartphone will decrease the music quantity for a piece.

Does Apple Music have extent normalization?

Answer: Yes! That’s the “Sound Check” issue I referred to. It attempts to make all songs play at a similar extent.

How do I stop my iPhone from adjusting the extent?

Answer: First, flip off “Sound Check” in the Music settings. If it’s still occurring, make sure you aren’t accidentally pressing the extent buttons. If it’s happening during calls or notifications, this is simply your iPhone ensuring you hear them!


Apple Music, the ultimate song streaming platform, has not been without its demanding situations. Among these, the difficulty of surprising extent fluctuations has emerged as a first rate difficulty for its user base. While the hassle seems complex, several solutions, ranging from disabling the “Sound Check” characteristic to resorting to a entire reset of tool settings, can potentially mitigate it. It’s essential for users to apprehend each repair’s effect and decide which one aligns best with their usage patterns. Apple Music’s volume difficulty underscores the significance of continuous user feedback and the need for platforms to always update and refine their features, making sure seamless listening is for all.

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