Signs You Need a New PPC Agency

Pay-per-click marketing is an effective advertising tool that has a high probability of return on investment while also developing a sturdy presence on search engines. It is always a terrific idea to get a professional PPC agency in Dubai to run campaigns for your brand. However, not all agencies provide the expected rate of conversion. If you spot some of the red flags mentioned below in your agency’s working style or behavior, it might be time to make the switch: 

  1. There’s a Lack of Transparency:

Being out of the loop and not having clarity about what’s happening can be one of the most annoying things to face as a client. If there’s a lack of transparency about the plan of action and a detailed account of expenditures, there’s something fishy going on. After all, why would they not be transparent unless they’ve something to hide?

  1. You Don’t Get Monthly Progress reports.

A detailed report of the campaign’s performance is not only necessary for the client but also for the agency. Ideally, your PPC package must make it mandatory to have a detailed monthly report on campaign performance, and it must be provided in the first week of every month. These reports must not be boastful and must critically analyze the failures of the campaigns and newer strategies to fight the obstacles. 

  1. Lack of Communication:
    Effective communication with your Dubai digital marketing agency is fundamental, just as in any other partnership. You, the client, should be kept up to date on the status of your ads, as well as any modifications or outcomes. Furthermore, the account manager ought to ask you for remarks or new developments about your company. Regardless of the ad’s performance, if dialogue with your PPC Advertising agency is unsatisfactory, you may lose faith in their methodology and services. While a work-life balance is a must, it reflects poorly on the agency and their point of contact if missed calls are never returned and emails are never reverted to, specifically during working hours.
  1. Frequently Changing Points of Contact:

To obtain the best outcomes, we think it’s essential to develop incredible client-agency relationships. Changing who is in command of each account can be extremely disruptive to relationships and might hurt the project’s progress. If your point-of-contact is being changed once every few months and you are getting handed around frequently, it might be high time you start looking for alternatives.

  1. They Don’t Understand Your Brand:
    If the agency handling your account is not familiar with or able to understand your brand image and business model, it will never be able to run effective campaigns or reach your target audience. While copying the competitors of the market is one of the easiest ways an agency adopts, it can only get your brand so far since you’ll not be offering anything new or unique. The most effective way to capture the market is to find the loopholes and voids within it and take advantage of them.
  1. Lack of Proactiveness:

While mistakes and failures are a part of the process, your digital agency should be proactive and make sure that there is no room for error. When a problem occurs, it falls on the agency to inform the client and also have a solution in mind. Your campaign should be routinely updated, and depending on its requirements, it may need to be adjusted weekly or biweekly.

  1. The Business is stagnant.

The only job of the PPC agency is not to run campaigns. Your marketing should focus on boosting sales while also growing your company.  Your company is very unlikely to grow through a PPC strategy if your campaigns don’t prioritize return on investment.

  1. Absence of Case Studies/References:

One must never underestimate the importance of experience and the kind of maturity and professionalism it brings to the table. The agency must provide a few case studies of their previous clients during their pitch so that it becomes clear to you if they are the right fit for you. If the agency is a start-up, the least it can do is provide character references. 

  1. They’re Pushing You for a Long-Term Contract:
    If the agency is forcing you to make a long-term commitment, don’t! Even if you do sign voluntarily, you should always make sure the contract contains a clause allowing you to back out at a later time.  It’s always better to test the waters and dip your toe before taking the plunge.
  1.  They Have Not Asked to Access your Content Management System (CMS):
    You can bet that the agency is not doing much if it hasn’t required access to your CMS. It is practically impossible for the agency to track user behavior, add content, or improve the site copy without having access to your site’s backend. 

If you spot any of the signs discussed above with your Google Ads Management, it might be time to move on and look for alternatives. Connect with our experts, who offer guaranteed conversion rates!

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