Four Different Kinds of Movies which Give You Courage and Power

Every movie is like a world, a colorful world we can see from it. We can realize our spiritual needs and exploration, as well as our taste and reflection on life. Whether it’s love movies or life-inspiring movies, they bring us a lot of courage and strength. Whenever I finish watching a movie, I feel like spending someone else’s life. Today I would like to recommend these four movies to you. Although the style is different, the power it brings us is valuable.

1.Little Woman (2019)

Mrs. March (Laura Dern) has four beautiful daughters, and the eldest daughter, Meg (Emma Watson), has an attractive appearance and an innocent longing for love. My second daughter, Joe (played by Silsa Ronan), is filled with ancient and supernatural ideas. She writes and writes with a pen dipped in water all day long, and her story has been warmly welcomed throughout the family.

My third daughter, Amy (played by Florence Pugh), aspires to become a painter. The youngest daughter, Beth (played by Eliza Scanlen), has outstanding musical talent despite having a more introverted personality than her three sisters. Under Mrs. March’s guidance, the four girls became extraordinary women with independent personalities. They were enthusiastic, optimistic, and kind, and each was moving forward strongly and steadfastly on their path.

2. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

This biographical film is about the great 20th-century mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. During his graduate studies, John Forbes Nash Jr. (Russell Crowe) published his famous game theory, which, although only 26 pages long, had a profound impact in fields such as economics and the military. With the encouragement and help of his beloved wife, Alicia (Jennifer Canali), he walked slowly but never stopped. Finally, he achieved his wish after more than ten years of unremitting efforts and tenacious will. When everyone in the world abandons you, only they remain steadfast. I think this is love!

3.The Intern (2015)

The movie opens with Freud’s classic quote: “The only important things in life are love and work. Unfold and explain to the audience. The male lead, Ben, is a retired older person over seventy years old, and his wife has been dead for three years. The longing for his wife is enough to speculate about his deep feelings initially.

After traveling around the world, he felt he had nowhere to go, and the deep sense of loneliness had to make Ben never stop. So very few people are alone, and when they have time, they go to Starbucks to check in, from morning to dusk, which makes them feel a sense of existence psychologically. Ben tried all the entertainment activities that could pass his time, but he still felt empty inside. When I found a promotional leaflet for elderly interns during a shopping trip to the supermarket, my eyes suddenly lit up. I went home and carefully prepared according to the recruitment conditions.

Of course, Ben also practiced the movie’s opening line, “The only important things in life are love and work.” Together with Fiona, who was rewarded for massaging him for the first time, he had a happy ending. The whole movie is actually about how to balance family and career. In fact, with love, that love is the middle of the scale, just right and impartial. May the friends who have watched this movie always believe in love and give workplace women more tolerance and understanding.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

The plot of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is slightly cliched, and the humorous techniques are not clever but filled with joy, and I cannot stop watching. The female protagonist is charming, doesn’t look like she’s writing a review or being economical, and her smile is lovely; The male lead is very handsome and a type that captivates women. These two people stand together, interpreting the term ‘matching’ well.

All the exterior scenes of the “Ten Day Matchmaking Handbook” are from New York, and in the dazzling scene, New York has become the most romantic city in the world. Linda Orbst, the producer of a series of successful love comedies, such as Sleepless in Seattle, said: “New York is the star of this film, and it is unique on earth. After September 11, when you return to this city, you will see new restaurants and people who have renewed their vitality and lives. The whole film has always been permeated with this unique vitality. And if you want to watch movies, You can use the APP How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on Viaplay, an online video website under the Nordic Entertainment Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is very suitable for watching movies. Movies Like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and more RapeMovies also can be find on 99reel movies.

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