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In the evolving world of digital music streaming, Spotify stands as a beacon, enhancing user experience via its myriad of keyboard shortcuts.

These shortcuts, integral for avid listeners, streamline operations like play, pause, track navigation, and volume adjustments, creating a seamless listening rhythm. However, like all tech facets, users sometimes encounter issues, often stemming from outdated app versions, conflicting software, or even inadvertent settings alterations.

While Spotify doesn’t inherently offer customization of these shortcuts, several trusted third-party applications have emerged to fill this gap, empowering users to personalize their experience further.

To ensure an uninterrupted melodic journey, it’s pivotal to stay updated with the latest Spotify versions, be vigilant about potential software conflicts, and occasionally check settings. With these measures in place, Spotify’s keyboard shortcuts can be wielded to their full potential, transforming a simple listening session into an efficient and engaging musical odyssey.

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Common Reasons for Shortcuts Not Working

1. Outdated Software Version: Spotify frequently updates its software. An outdated version might be the reason for the malfunctioning shortcuts.

2. Conflicting Software: Sometimes, other software running in the background can interfere with Spotify’s keyboard shortcuts.

3. Incorrect Settings: Your device’s settings might be overriding Spotify’s default settings.

4. Hardware Issues: Physical issues with the keyboard could be a potential cause.

Quick Fixes to Try

1. Update Spotify: Ensure you’re running the latest version of the software.

2. Check for Conflicts: Close unnecessary programs running in the background.

3. Review Keyboard Settings: Double-check your device’s keyboard settings. Ensure there’s no overriding command taking precedence over Spotify.

4. External Keyboard Test: If using a laptop, try an external keyboard to determine if the issue is hardware-related.

Facts and Figures

  • As of 2022, Spotify has over 345 million active users.
  • Over 70 million songs are available on Spotify.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can increase task efficiency by up to 30%.

Pros and Cons of Using Keyboard Spotify Shortcuts Not Working


  • Efficiency: Increases task speed.
  • Ease: Avoids the need to switch between mouse and keyboard.
  • Personalization: Most shortcuts can be customized to personal preference.


  • Learning Curve: Takes time to memorize.
  • Potential Conflicts: Other software might use the same shortcuts.
  • Issues like Malfunction: As the title suggests, they might sometimes not work.
Spotify Keyboard ShortcutFunctionTroubleshooting Tip
SpacePlay/PauseEnsure no other active app uses Space for another function.
Ctrl + Right ArrowNext TrackUpdate Spotify to the latest version.
Ctrl + Left ArrowPrevious TrackCheck for conflicting software shortcuts.
Ctrl + Up ArrowIncrease VolumeReview your device’s volume control settings.
Ctrl + Down ArrowDecrease VolumeCheck hardware volume keys for any physical damage.
Ctrl + LGo to Search barEnsure the Spotify window is active.
Ctrl + Shift + SShuffle PlayRestart Spotify and try again.
Alt + HomeGo to Home PageEnsure you’re not using a custom keyboard layout.

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Why are my shortcuts suddenly not working?

There could be several reasons why your shortcuts have stopped functioning:

  1. Software Update: Sometimes, after an update, settings revert to default or some functionalities change. It’s wise to check if you’ve recently updated the software.
  2. Conflicting Software: Other software or applications running in the background might interfere with your current program’s keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Keyboard Issues: It’s possible that some keys on your keyboard are malfunctioning or there’s a hardware issue.
  4. Changed Settings: You might have unknowingly modified the shortcut settings or assigned the same shortcuts to multiple actions.

Can you set hotkeys for Spotify?

As of my last update in 2022, Spotify does not offer an in-built feature to customize hotkeys. However, there are third-party applications and software scripts that allow users to set custom hotkeys for Spotify. Always make sure to use trusted sources when downloading third-party applications.

How do I make a shortcut to skip songs on Spotify?

By default, on a desktop:

  • Windows: Press Ctrl + Right Arrow to skip to the next song.
  • Mac: Press Cmd + Right Arrow to skip to the next song.

These shortcuts allow you to quickly move to the next track while using Spotify.

What is the shortcut to like a song on Spotify?

On a desktop:

  • Windows: The default shortcut to “like” (or save to your library) a song on Spotify is Ctrl + S.
  • Mac: The default shortcut is Cmd + S.

When you use this shortcut, the song will be added to your “Liked Songs” playlist.

Last words

While keyboard shortcuts provide a seamless Spotify experience, it can be frustrating when they don’t work. With the insights provided above, resolving such issues should now be simpler. Always remember to keep your software updated and ensure no background apps are causing conflicts.

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