Are RCA TVs Good for Gaming? Best 2 Models (Review)

Short explain: RCA TV for Gaming is well-suited for more casual games like Minecraft. However, for high-intensity games like Call of Duty, where every millisecond counts towards victory or defeat, they might not be the best choice.

Curious about the gaming performance of RCA TVs? Let’s dive into it. We’ll discuss refresh rates, response times, and HDMI ports, and share a comprehensive gaming experience overview.

Are RCA TVs Good for Gaming?

RCA, a brand with a long history in the electronics world, has evolved over the years to cater to modern audiences. One common question from the gaming community is about the viability of RCA TVs for gaming.

How Much Input Lag Do RCA TVs Have?

Input lag is crucial for gaming as it determines the delay between your command and the action on the screen. On average, RCA TVs have an input lag ranging from 20ms to 50ms. While this might be suitable for casual gaming, hardcore gamers might find it lacking.

What Are the Best RCA TVs for Gaming?

To help gamers make an informed choice, here’s a comparison table of some top RCA TVs suitable for gaming:

ModelResolutionRefresh RateInput LagSpecial Features
RTRU65274K UHD60Hz30ms– Vibrant colors<br>- Multiple HDMI ports<br>- HDR10 compatibility
HDR104K UHD60Hz28ms– High Dynamic Range (HDR10)<br>- Sharp display<br>- Built-in speakers with clear sound

RTRU6527: This model is not just a visual treat but also packed with features. Its 4K UHD resolution ensures sharp visuals, essential for modern gaming. The refresh rate stands at the standard 60Hz, but when coupled with its low input lag in Game Mode, it provides a smooth gaming experience. Multiple HDMI ports mean you can connect various devices, including your favorite gaming console. The added bonus is its HDR10 compatibility, ensuring games with HDR support look breathtaking.


HDR10: Don’t be misled by its name. The HDR10 model from RCA offers more than just HDR compatibility. Its 4K UHD display promises sharp and detailed visuals, essential for immersive gaming. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and a slightly better input lag than its counterpart, it’s designed for those who prioritize visual details in their gameplay. The built-in speakers add to the gaming experience with clear and crisp sound, making external speakers or headphones optional.


What Are The Refresh Rates On These Models?

Most RCA TVs come with the standard 60Hz refresh rate. While this is sufficient for many games, competitive gamers might seek models with 120Hz for smoother visuals.

Do RCA TVs Have a Variable Refresh Rate?

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is not a common feature in all RCA TVs. It’s always essential to check the specifications before making a purchase.

Do RCA TVs Have a “Game Mode”?

Yes, many modern RCA TV models come equipped with a “Game Mode” that optimizes the screen settings for gaming, minimizing input lag and enhancing picture quality.

Can All RCA TVs Be Used As Computer Monitors?

While RCA TVs can technically be used as computer monitors, not all models will offer crisp visuals, especially for detailed tasks. Always check the resolution and ensure it suits your needs.

What About RCA PlayStation and Xbox Compatibility?

Most RCA TVs are compatible with popular gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Ensure the TV has the required HDMI ports and supports the console’s resolution.

Do People Generally Use RCA TVs For Gaming?

RCA TVs are more popular among budget-conscious gamers or those looking for a secondary gaming TV. They might not be the first choice for serious gamers but work well for occasional gaming.

How Good Is the Image Quality and Resolution?

RCA offers a range of HD to 4K TVs. Their 4K models provide sharp and vibrant images, while their HD models are more suitable for smaller screens or secondary setups.

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Are RCA TVs Durable?

RCA TVs generally offer good durability, but like all electronics, it depends on the model and usage.

What Features Should I Look for in a Gaming TV?

  • Low Input Lag
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Good Resolution (Preferably 4K)
  • HDMI Ports (Support for HDMI 2.1 can be a bonus)
  • Game Mode
  • Variable Refresh Rate

What Are the Best RCA TVs for Gaming?

  1. The RTRU6527: A 4K UHD TV that offers vibrant colors, low input lag when in Game Mode, and multiple HDMI ports.
  2. The HDR10: Although the name might suggest it’s about HDR, this model is known for its sharp display and compatibility with HDR10 content, ensuring rich visuals in games.


RCA TVs, given their affordability and features, are suitable for casual gaming. However, hardcore gamers might want to explore models specifically designed for gaming. Always check the features and read reviews before making a purchase.

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