The BAM University Review- Is It Worth Spending Money?

Bam University is conducting a program based on ranking and growing small local businesses to get paid. That is the main motive of BAM University, but the main question is why we spend so much money. Is the course worth it, just like thousands of online courses running?

The bam University reviews is for those looking to get admission to it but are confused or have already had bad experiences due to scammers fooling people. The following article will help you clear your doubts and provide you with a better picture of BAM University.

The Working Principle of BAM University:

BAM University is offering you to develop skills in different factors of online business, which are as follows:

Mindset Development:

Here you will learn about the proper mindset to start a business, and with the correct attitude, launching your organization will result in success. He focuses on the right attitude in this particular section of the BAM course. 

Web Designing:

Here you will learn the basics of web designing and development. Word press platform and content management system are taught here. You have to create the Google and Facebook ad online. He will provide you with good places to post your ads. And try to give you the best places so that you may experience success mostly. 


The following section will help you to rank your website at the top list of Google, and you will have to work hard unless your websites start appearing at the top list of Google. Only through SEO learning can you be seen. Without it, people will reject your website. 

Google Maps:

The following part is a bit hard because you have to work on Google mapping and create lists and information to put in the list. You will set the location of your local business place. That’s how people will identify your business. For example, if someone looks for your business location, it will appear on Google Maps. 

Google Ads and Facebook Ads:

Google ads and Facebook ads are the two main sources of marketing your business. You need to learn that skill and remember it is not a piece of cake; you must have a targeted audience at your place, so you must make good and attractive ads on both sites. Josh will teach you the cost-effective and easiest way of creating and posting ads on both sites. 

The Facebook Group:

Here you can post your questions or discuss things that aren’t clear to you. Josh also makes weekly calls to answer queries.


The sales strategies help to gain people’s attention to your business, and Josh will help you learn the skill. Josh will give you his expertise to improve the sales techniques on lead generation. 

How Can You Make Money from BAM University?

You have to have your business agency to make money from the BAM. To make good money, you should have a larger business platform. You need to have a higher level of skills and higher investment capital, and more time for a good business to run. But for the beginner, the following course might not be much beneficial. 

Are They Scammers?

No, they aren’t scammers. Most people made money, but following the course of Josh, and now earning millions. 


The BAM University review hopefully clears the doubts of people who want to invest in a particular course. You can do more research and make sure you need it. But one thing is for sure Josh is a real deal, and they are not scammers. 

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