Remembering Ezra Alvarez: Obituary in Derry, NH


Ezra Alvarez, who everyone fondly called “Ezy,” passed away unexpectedly when he was just 16 years old. This happened in his home in Derry, NH on February 14, 2023. We’re writing this to remember him and the wonderful person he was.

Early Life and Background 

Ezra was born on April 14. He grew up in Derry, NH, with his family who loved him a lot. He went to school and liked learning new things. And he was curious and liked to explore.

Life’s Journey

Ezra had many things he loved to do. He enjoyed playing musical instruments and going outside to enjoy nature. As he got older, he did really well in school and in things he cared about. He was really good at many things.

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Contributions and Impact 

Ezra did things that helped his town and the people around him. He was friendly and had many friends. Ezra Alvarez also liked to help others and do kind things. He made a difference even though he was young.

Final Moments and Passing

 It’s sad that Ezra passed away so suddenly. His family and everyone who knew him are very sad. We all support each other and remember the good times we had with him.

Funeral and Memorial Details 

There will be a special ceremony to remember Ezra. His family and friends will get together to talk about him and remember him. There will also be other events so that everyone can remember him in their own way.

Remembering the Legacy 

Ezra’s friends and family share stories about him. They talk about the things they loved most about him and how he made them feel happy. Even though he’s not here, his memories and the good things he did will always stay with us.


What happened to Ezra Alvarez? 

Ezra Alvarez, also known as “Ezy,” sadly passed away when he was only 16 years old. He left us unexpectedly at his home in Derry, NH on February 14, 2023. We remember him and the good person he was.

Why did Ezra disappear? 

Ezra Alvarez didn’t really disappear. He left us because of something unexpected that happened. Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, and we have to say goodbye to people we care about. It’s sad, but we can remember the good times we had with them.

How old is Ezra at the end of Raebels? 

Ezra is about 19 years old at the end of the show “Rebels.” He goes through a lot of adventures and grows up during the series. It’s like watching someone grow from a young person to a more grown-up one.


Ezra’s life was short, but he made a big impact on us. We’ll always remember how kind and fun he was. We can keep his memory alive by being kind to others and remembering the good times we had with him.

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