Pathan Box Office Collection

“Pathan,” a Bollywood cinematic spectacle, has sparked a cultural wildfire that’s spread far beyond the confines of its home nation. With its incredible star-studded cast, cutting-edge visual effects, and compelling narrative, it’s no surprise that “Pathan” has been breaking box office records since its premiere.

Pathan Movie Overview

The Pathan film is an action thriller starring Shah Rukh Khan as the titular character Pathan. Deepika Padukone is expected to play the female lead, while John Abraham is expected to play the antagonist. Salman Khan is also expected to appear as his character ‘Tiger’ from the “Tiger” series in a cameo appearance.

The Rise of Star Power

“Pathan” features an unprecedented cast of Indian cinema’s biggest stars. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham in lead roles, with Salman Khan making a cameo appearance. The presence of these Bollywood celebrities not only drew large crowds to the theaters, but also significantly increased the film’s box office earnings.

Pathan Cast

Shah Rukh Khan 

The film’s title character will be played by Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the “King of Bollywood.” After a brief hiatus, he returns to the big screen. 

Deepika Padukone 

 Deepika Padukone, a well-known Bollywood actress, plays an important role in the film. She has previously appeared in several successful films alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

John Abraham

John Abraham, best known for his roles in action films, is said to be playing the antagonist in “Pathan.”

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan, another Indian film superstar, makes a cameo appearance in the film. He is reprising his role as ‘Tiger’ from the well-known “Tiger” franchise.

Superb Opening

“Pathan” had a massive opening weekend, shattering domestic and global box office records. It racked up massive collections, far exceeding expectations. The film’s release caused such a stir that many theaters reported full house screenings, an occurrence not seen in Indian cinema in quite some time.

Other Important People in Pathan.


Siddharth Anand directs “Pathan.” He is well-known for his roles in several successful Bollywood films.


Yash Raj Films, one of the leading production companies in the Indian film industry, produced “Pathan.”

Music By

Vishal-Shekhar, a popular music duo in Bollywood known for creating hit soundtracks, composed the music for “Pathan.”

Written By

 The screenplay and story for “Pathan” were written by the film’s director, Siddharth Anand.


Manu Anand, known for his work in capturing stunning visuals, is in charge of the cinematography for “Pathan.”

Distributed By 

Yash Raj Films, the same production company that produced the film, is in charge of its distribution.

Production Company Name

Yash Raj Films, a well-known and established production house in the Indian film industry, is behind “Pathan.”

Pathan Release Date

Pathaan was released on January 25, 2023, in India. This weekend was Republic Day. The film was available in IMAX, 4DX, and standard formats. Versions dubbed in Tamil and Telugu were also made available at the time.

Ptahan Budget

The film had a production budget of 225 crore (US$28 million), with an additional 15 crore (US$1.9 million) spent on print and advertising. Against the norm, pre-release publicity was limited, with no media interaction or public events.

Record-Breaking Collections

The film received favorable reviews from critics. It broke several box-office records in India. It has the largest opening day and weekend for a Hindi film.  The film grossed a total of 1,004.39 crores (US$130 million) worldwide. This ranks as the highest-grossing Indian movie and the highest-grossing Hindi movie of 2023. It is also the highest-grossing Hindi movie in the original language of all time. The film is also the world’s second-highest-grossing Hindi film and the fifth-highest-grossing Indian film of all time. It was the highest-grossing film of Khan’s career and of Yash Raj Films as of February 2023. 

Following the premiere, box office collections continued to rise, demonstrating “Pathan’s” allure. The film achieved numerous box office milestones in a matter of weeks. Detailed figures for both domestic and international collections highlight the film’s massive success, reaffirming Bollywood’s global clout.

Box Office

Pathaan set several box office records for a Hindi film. It was the first Hindi film to gross 100 crore (US$13 million) on its opening day. On its first day, it earned 106 crore (US$13 million) worldwide, including 36.69 crore (US$4.6 million) overseas. The film earned 200 crores (US$25 million) in its first two days, 300 crores (US$38 million) in its first three days, and 400 crores (US$50 million) in its first four days, making it the fastest Hindi film to do all three.

It also became the fastest Hindi film in India to earn 200 crore (US$25 million) and 300 crore (US$38 million) in four and seven days, respectively. It shattered the previous records held by the Hindi version of the Kannada film K.G.F: Chapter 2 (2022). By the second weekend, it had surpassed Dangal (2016) to become the first original Hindi film to gross more than 400 crore (US$50 million) domestically.

Overseas  Phatan business

Pathaan’s opening-weekend overseas gross was $25.5 million in its five-day extended weekend outside of India. The IMAX grosses were US$2.5 million, the highest for an Indian film. 

North America and Canada

It earned $6.88 million in its first weekend from 695 theaters in North America and Canada, placing third overall with a gross of $9.48 million, a record for a Hindi film. 

United Kingdom

With box office receipts of £319,348 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it set a record for an Indian film. It earned £1.4 million over the weekend, trailing only Avatar: The Way of Water, which earned £2 million. It also broke opening weekend records for Hindi movies. 

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Other countries

Indian films set opening weekend records in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. With a gross of US$582,000 in Germany in its first weekend, it was the highest-grossing Hindi film in the market. According to Box Office India, the highest-grossing Hindi film outside of China (where it was not released) made approximately US$31 million in its first eight days of release.

By the second weekend, Pathaan had surpassed Dangal as the highest-grossing Hindi movie in the US, grossing over $13.4 million. In the UK, it earned over £3 million, making it the first Indian movie to do so. It also became the most successful Indian film in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand. Pathaan was the first Hindi film to gross more than $100 million outside of China.

On its fourth Wednesday, Pathaan made history by becoming the first Hindi film to gross 500 crore (US$63 million) in India. Pathaan became only the second Hindi film and the fifth Indian film overall to earn more than one billion rupees on the 27th day of its release. On its 37th day of release, it surpassed Baahubali 2: The Conclusion to become the highest-grossing Hindi film in India.

As of 6 April 2023, the film had earned a total of 1,050.3 crores (US$130 million), including 654.28 crores (US$82 million) in India and 396.02 crores (US$50 million) overseas. As a result, it became the second-highest-grossing Hindi film, the fifth-highest-grossing Indian film, the fourth-highest-grossing domestic film, and the highest-grossing film of Khan’s career.

Phatan shooting locations

These were the seven countries where Pathaan was filmed:


One of the most beautiful locations for Pathaan’s filming was Spain. Images from serene locales like Mallorca, Cadiz, and Jerez can be seen in the music video for “Besharam Rang.” Additionally, some of the action scenes were filmed there as well. According to reports, this is the first film to be produced in Mallorca, and the island’s opulent, high-end aesthetic makes for the ideal setting for the story.


In this action-drama, Dubai is one of several foreign locations that makes an appearance. You might recognize some parts of the city from different fight scenes. In addition, the Bollywood celebrity is well-known in Dubai because he owns a home there. If the movie has whetted your appetite for a trip to Dubai, you ought to check out the Palm Jumeirah, Mall of Emirates, and Burj Khalifa.


Pathaan’s most impressive scenes were shot on elaborate sets in Mumbai, the city of dreams. The production company, Yash Raj Studios, served as the site for several significant filming locations. And you will be happy to know that the city is full of incredible locations, some of which have been featured in movies, if you are planning a trip there. There are many more; a few examples include Marine Drive, CSMT station, the Fort, the Gateway to India, and Prithvi Theatre.

Russia and Siberia

Russia has some truly amazing sights, adding to the list of beautiful nations. One of the many locations in the SRK-starring movie is the nation, which was a well-liked tourist destination before the conflict with Ukraine broke out. If you ever find yourself considering a trip to Russia, St. Petersburg is a must-see, just like so many other cities.

Siberia, a stunning location abundant with lakes, rivers, mountains, and more, hosted the filming of some scenes from Pathaan.


Turkey is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world because of its beautiful architecture and clean waterways. Additionally, the cuisine and beverages are excellent (you must try Turkish coffee). Additionally, Turkey provides uncommon opportunities like traveling through Asia and Europe simultaneously and visiting the renowned Turkish hammam. Obviously, this is the reason they filmed some parts of the movie Pathaan here.


You absolutely must visit France, a stunning nation in Europe. The filmmakers chose the natural splendor and Victorian architecture of these locations to feature in SRK’s upcoming movie, enhancing the overall allure of the production. If you intend to visit this nation, you should sample some of the local cheeses and wines as well as some delectable dishes from one of the world’s most challenging cuisines.


Italy is another beautiful country where they filmed Pathaan. This country has beautiful towns, landscapes, and beaches that are always clear. You can not go wrong when you pair that with Italian food of the highest caliber.

Reception and Critiques

Despite its commercial success, “Pathan” also endured its share of critical scrutiny. While some critics praised its high-octane action sequences and the performances of its leading stars, others pointed out inconsistencies in the plot and a lack of depth in character development. Nevertheless, these critiques didn’t seem to significantly dent the film’s box office collections.

Global Reach and Impact

“Pathan” extended its reach beyond the Indian subcontinent, with impressive box office collections overseas. Markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East received the film especially well, further bolstering Bollywood’s position on the global cinematic stage.


Is Pathan going to be a hit or flop?

People in Dubai are looking forward to the Shah Rukh Khan movie Pathan with great anticipation. This implies that the movie won’t only be a smash hit in India, but it will also make a huge impact around the world.

What is the box office collection of Pathan till now?

So far, with its nearly Rs 1000 crore from international and Rs 500 crore from domestic box office receipts, Pathaan undeniably stands as India’s biggest hit of 2023.

What is the net profit of Pathan?

The movie made over 1050 crores. After deducting all costs, the producers received a net profit of 333 crore. The movie made over 1050 crores. After deducting all costs, the producers received a net profit of 333 crore.


Overall, “Pathan” didn’t merely succeed in box office numbers. The film captivated the collective imagination of worldwide audiences, sparking a cultural phenomenon that people will remember for years to come. As the film continues its successful run, it serves as a reminder of the powerful allure of cinema in uniting people across geographical and cultural boundaries.

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