How to keep my glasses scratch free

Oh, the sheer agony of spotting a blemish on our cherished glasses! A tiny scratch can feel like a grand canyon when it’s on something we wear every day. Whether it’s the aftermath of a clumsy tumble or a result of everyday wear and tear, there’s hope yet. Dive in, as we unravel the secrets of keeping your glasses pristine.

Here’s How to Get Scratches Out of Glasses Lenses:

The Gentle Approach:

Whisper of Toothpaste: Did you know that the non-abrasive toothpaste you use for your pearly whites can double as a gentle scratch remover? Just dab a smidgen on a soft, microfibre cloth and lovingly caress the scratched area in a circular motion. This isn’t a scrubbing contest—gentleness is key. Once done, wash off with cool water and revel in the magic.

Baking Soda Magic:

The Old-School Elixir: Take your regular kitchen baking soda and make a creamy concoction by mixing it with a touch of water. The texture should remind you of thick porridge. Gently apply this blend onto the scratch using a soft cloth, moving in soft circular patterns. After a minute, rinse with cold water. Sometimes, old tricks are the best tricks!

Commercial Products:

The Ready-Mades: Our world is filled with innovative solutions tailored for our woes. Various lens cleaners and scratch repair kits have been crafted solely for such eyewear mishaps. If DIY isn’t your forte, a visit to the optician or a quick online search might yield the perfect product.

Getting Your Lenses Reglazed:

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, those tenacious scratches just won’t budge. Enter, Reglazing. Think of it as a spa treatment for your lenses. It offers a spanking new lens replacement for your favorite frames. Instead of splurging on a new pair, consider the savvy alternative of reglazing. Check in with your trusty optician, and they’ll guide you through this rejuvenating process.

What to Do If the Scratches Are on Your Frames, Rather than the Lenses:

Not all villains target the lens; some have their sights set on the frames. Depending on the material:

Metal Frames: These sturdy beasts can often withstand minor scratches. A dab of gentle metal polish can buff out those superficial lines, leaving your frames looking brand spanking new. You can find the best metal frame glasses on Arlowolf.

Plastic or Acetate Frames: Ah, the frames with personality! For these, a touch of non-abrasive toothpaste or that miraculous baking soda paste works wonders. After applying, wipe away with a moist cloth and pat dry.

However, if your frames have seen better days and the scratches are too deep, perhaps it’s time to either consult a specialist or treat yourself to a chic new pair.

How to Prevent Scratches on Your Glasses:

We’ve dealt with mending, but wouldn’t it be marvelous to avoid these scratches altogether?

Use a Case: This might sound elementary, but many of us neglect it. Think of your case as a protective castle for your glasses. It’s cushioned, snug, and defends against potential harm.

Clean with Care: Eyeglasses are not fond of rough treatment. Always summon a microfibre cloth for cleaning duties. And as tempting as it might be, your shirttail isn’t the knight in shining armor here.

Mind Where You Place Them: Positioning is everything. Never rest your glasses lens-down; it’s akin to placing a gemstone in the mud. And always be cautious of perilous spots like the edge of counters or amidst a toddler’s reach.

Regular Checks: An ounce of prevention, they say! Ensure screws are snug, and your glasses sit perfectly. Regular tweaks can deter potential accidents.

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