Simple Steps to Delete Date in Pics Art App on Android 


Pics Art is a cool app that turns your phone into an amazing photo studio. It’s like having your own art room in your pocket! But sometimes, we need to clean up our digital space, just like how we clean our rooms. This guide will show you how to Delete data in Pics Art phone or tablet. This is like telling the app to forget everything about you.


Confirming your Android’s Version

First, we need to make sure we know which version of Android your phone or tablet is using. Different versions might have slightly different steps. To find this out, go to ‘Settings’ on your device, then ‘About Phone’, and look for ‘Android Version’. After confirming we will be able to delete data in Pics Art

Finding and Opening PicsArt

Now, let’s start with opening the PicsArt app. You will find it on your home screen or in the list of all apps on your device. Just tap on the PicsArt icon to open it!

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Data in Pics Art 

A. Going to Your Profile or Account Settings

After you open Pics Art, you need to find your ‘Profile’ or ‘Account Settings’. This is usually a picture of a person or a gear icon. It’s like your control room for your account!

Pictures and Icons

For example, the ‘Profile’ icon looks like a person, and the ‘Settings’ looks like a gear. Pictures or screenshots will make it super easy to follow!

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Consequences of Delete Data in Pics Art

Saying Goodbye to Your Saved Stuff

Delete data in Pics Art is a big move. It’s like throwing away all of your art projects, drafts, and special settings you made in the app.

This Cannot Be Undone

It’s super important to know that delete data in Pics Art is a final decision. Once you do it, there’s no turning back.

Changes to Your PicsArt Account

When you remove your data, your Pics Art account gets a fresh start. It’s like moving into a brand new, empty room. If you paid for extra features, you might lose them too.


How do I free up storage on PicsArt?

Think of it as cleaning your art room:

Toss Out Old Projects: Go to ‘My Drawings’ and throw away projects you don’t need.

Take Out the Trash: Clear Cache in the ‘Settings’ on your Android. Find ‘Apps’, pick ‘Pics Art’, and tap ‘Clear Cache’.

A Fresh Start: To make more space, uninstall and reinstall PicsArt, but save your favorite projects first!

Does Pics Art remember my pictures and drawings?

Yes, Pics Art does. Just like a personal art folder.

Does Pics Art keep my photos?

Yep! Pics Art holds onto the photos you work on in the app.

How do I make an app forget everything?

To do this:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Select ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’.
  • Pick the app you want to clear.
  • Tap on ‘Storage’.
  • Pick ‘Clear Data’ and say OK.


So, we’ve learned that managing your digital space is as important as keeping your room neat. This guide has walked you through cleaning up your PicsArt room on your Android device. Remember, it’s a big decision with no going back. Before you decide to do it, make sure your favorite artwork are safe and sound.

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