How to Change Your Snapchat AI Gender – A Complete Guide

Popular social media site Snapchat is renowned for its cutting-edge functions and interactive filters. The Snapchat AI, which makes use of artificial intelligence to improve user experiences, is one of its intriguing features. Among the many ways to customize your Snapchat AI, changing its gender is an intriguing choice that lets you experiment with various facets of your online persona. This in-depth guide will walk you through the procedures for changing the gender of your Snapchat AI as well as the possible benefits of doing so.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that enables users to send “snaps,” or short videos and photos, to their followers and friends. it is a fun and interesting platform for communication and self-expression because these snaps can be customized with filters, stickers, text, and other augmented reality (AR) elements. Snapchat is incredibly popular, especially among younger audiences, thanks to its user-friendly interface and ephemeral nature of the content.

What is Snapchat AI?

Snapchat’s platform’s various features are powered by artificial intelligence, or Snapchat AI. Snapchat AI algorithms process and analyze data in real-time to create immersive and interactive experiences, from facial recognition to augmented reality filters. One such feature is the ability to design and customize an animated representation of your identity known as “My AI,” which is an AI version of you.

How to Customize Your Snapchat AI

The process of personalizing your Snapchat AI is enjoyable and easy. Follow these steps to get started:

Update Snapchat

Make sure Snapchat is updated and is installed on your device. To check for updates and, if necessary, download the most recent version, go to the app store or play store.

Create Your AI

Tap the circle icon at the bottom of Snapchat to access the camera. Tap on your face again to display the lens carousel. To create your individual AI, swipe through the lenses until you find the “Create My AI” option and then adhere to the on-screen directions.

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Access AI Settings

The settings menu can be accessed by going to your profile page and tapping the settings icon (which looks like a gear).

Choose “My AI”

Find and choose the “My AI” option under the settings menu. Here, you can change the gender of your AI and access other customization options.

Steps for Using Your AI on Snapchat

You can utilize your AI in a variety of ways on Snapchat once you have customized it. Here’s how:

Chat and Messaging

You can personalize your communication by using your AI’s animated reactions and expressions when sending snaps or messages to friends.

Stories and Memories 

To share your virtual adventures with your followers on Snapchat, include your AI in your stories and memories. 

Group Chats 

Engage in conversations and group chats with your AI to enhance the interaction and enjoyment for all participants.

Play Games

Your AI can serve as a character in some Snapchat games, which improves the gameplay.

Why Change Your Snapchat AI Gender?

For a variety of reasons, changing the gender of your Snapchat AI can be an intriguing and empowering experience.


 Users can learn more about themselves and appreciate various viewpoints by experimenting with different genders.

Gender Expression

Changing the AI’s gender enables better representation and a more genuine online presence for people who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid.


Simply having fun with how you might appear and behave as a different gender by changing your AI’s gender can add a playful element to your Snapchat interactions.

How to Give Your AI a Snapchat Nickname

In addition to changing the gender of your AI, you can also give it a nickname to make the experience even more unique. Follow these steps to do so:

Access AI Settings

To access the settings menu, go to your profile page and tap on the gear-shaped settings icon. 

Choose “My AI” 

Within the settings menu, locate and select the “My AI” option.

Edit Nickname

Find the “Edit Nickname” feature and give your AI the name you want. Interactions and chats will use this name.

How to Change Snapchat AI Gender – A Complete Guide

With Snapchat AI, you can easily change the gender of your AI to suit your preferences by selecting from a variety of gender options. Follow these steps to change your Snapchat AI gender:

Access AI Settings

Start by opening the Snapchat app and tapping on your profile page. From there, click on the settings icon (gear-shaped) to access the settings menu.

Choose “My AI” 

In the settings menu, find and select the “My AI” option.

Gender Customization

Within the “My AI” options, look for the “Gender” section. Here, you’ll find a range of gender options to choose from.

Select Your Preferred Gender

Browse through the available genders and choose the one that resonates with you the most. Tap on your preferred gender to apply the change to your AI.

Key Features of Snapchat AI Gender

The Snapchat AI gender customization feature comes with several key attributes:

  • Inclusivity: Snapchat offers a diverse range of gender options, ensuring that users can find a gender identity that aligns with their self-perception.
  • Fluidity: Users can change their AI’s gender at any time, providing a fluid and dynamic expression of identity.
  • Emotional Range: Snapchat AI incorporates an emotional range that allows your AI to express a variety of emotions, making interactions more engaging and human-like.


Can I change Snapchat AI avatar?

The Bitmoji avatar for My AI can be personalized to be totally unique to you! Here’s how to change the avatar in My AI: Click on the 3D Bitmoji header in your Friendship Profile with My AI. Tap ‘Avatar’ and customize the appearance of the Bitmoji.

Is Snapchat AI safe?

My AI is generally risk-free to use. Users should be cautious not to overshare or share personal information when speaking with My AI, just like they should when speaking with the virtual assistants Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant, among others.

How do I remove my AI?

  • To remove My AI from your chat feed, just do as follows:
  • Open Snapchat.
  • Click on your profile, then the settings icon.
  • Scroll to ‘Privacy controls’ and then select ‘Clear data. ‘
  • Go to ‘Clear conversations,’ and tap the ‘X’ next to My AI to remove it from your chat feed.


A captivating way to explore your identity and express yourself honestly on the platform is to customize your Snapchat AI gender. With its ever-evolving AI technology, Snapchat provides users with a delightful and engaging social experience. We have covered how to make and modify your AI in this guide, as well as how to change its gender and assign it a nickname. Accept the possibilities that Snapchat AI offers and enjoy discovering your virtual self!

Remember, the “How to change Snapchat AI gender” feature opens up avenues for self-expression and discovery, enhancing your enjoyment of Snapchat. So jump in and enjoy making your AI the best possible representation of you!

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