Best Amateur Golf Accessories 2024

Enhancing your golf game is all about having the right tools and accessories that help you improve your swing and enhance your comfort level on the course. In this guide, we’ll showcase the best golf accessories of 2023, catering specifically to the needs of amateur golfers. Whether you’re trying to improve your grip, align yourself to the line of target, or just wishing to protect yourself from the weather, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Golf Accessories: Training Aids

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

The statistics reveal that more than 80% of golfers grip the golf club wrong, and since grip is the fundamental aspect of the perfect golf swing, the figure is shocking. If you are an amateur working on improving your swing, the SKLZ golf grip trainer is the best thing you can invest in. Ideal for practice and pre-round range sessions, the SKLZ grip trainer ensures proper hand placement on every swing, creating muscle memory for correct hand positioning and grip. It is easily attachable to all clubs and works effectively with all hand sizes. 

Rhino Valley Golf Alignment Stick 

Alignment is the most critical aspect of the perfect golf shot. With the help of an alignment stick, golfers can get their feet, hips, shoulders, and clubface aligned to the target. The Rhino golf valley alignment stick stands out as the best amateur golf accessory in 2023, all thanks to its ergonomic design. Crafted from highly durable glass-fiber material, this alignment stick guarantees prolonged durability. Its lightweight nature, foldable design, and convenient attachment clip make it effortless to carry on your golf bag for quick access.

Best Golf Accessories: Golf Apparel

Druids Pro Tech Golf Cap

A golf cap is not just a stylish accessory.t is a crucial part of a golfer’s outfit as it protects the eyes from harsh sun rays and keeps hair from impeding your vision. Druids is a golf wear brand known for its super trendy golf caps, but there’s one that beats all others in style and performance- The Pro-Tech Golf Cap. 

The six-panel baseball golf cap is crafted with soft cotton and features meshed details to maintain optimal air circulation throughout the day. It also has a built-in performance sweatband to prevent sweat from hindering your vision. Available in two different colours, the Pro-Tech Golf Cap is a must-have. 

Druids Men’s Tour Ankle Golf Socks 

A golfer’s outfit is incomplete without golf socks. They keep your feet moisture-free and prevent injuries from walking long distances. If you are an amateur searching for tour-quality but affordable golf socks, check out Druids Men’s Tour Ankle Golf Socks. The superior quality fabric of the ankle-length socks feel gentle against the skin and offer extra cushion on pressure points of your feet. They also boast comfort seams around the toes area and thick fabric that reduces friction and prevents cuts and blisters. 

Best Golf Accessories: Golf Umbrella 

Titleist 68″ Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

Every amateur golfer must own a high-quality umbrella to get through the changing weather conditions. If you are searching for the best of the best, the Titleist 68″ Tour Double Canopy Umbrella is perfect for you. It boasts a premium anti-aversion system that prevents the umbrella from flipping inside out during strong winds or gusts. By blocking UV rays- it protects the skin from sunburn and premature ageing. The tour-inspired look is surely a pleasurable aspect too. 

Best Golf Accessories: Grips and Covers

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip

The SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip is designed to help you achieve a strong and comfortable hold, essential for proper alignment. This club grip offers a unique multi-layer construction, with the outer layer being soft and tacky outer for a secure grip and the innermost layer being firm for enhanced stability. The SuperStroke grip also has a heavily embossed ridge along the underside to help amateurs produce consistent hand placement and make it easier to square the face at impact.

In simpler words, it’s not just a grip– it’s a tool that will help you improve your shots, especially if you’re new to the game.

The Open Driver Headcover

If you love your golf club driver and want it to last long, investing in a good-quality headcover is the best thing you can do. The Open Driver Headcover is constructed with faux leather and boasts velour lining and padding to prevent scratches, dings, and other damage that may occur during transport, in the golf bag, or when the club is not in use.

The premium feel and the official R&A “The Open ” logo makes this driver headcover a masterpiece that looks good and gives a personalised feel. The best part is you don’t have to worry about this head cover not fitting your club because it’s designed to fit most drivers. 


There you have it, the best golfing accessories that amateurs can take advantage of in 2023. All these products have been critically tested to ensure practicality and are surely worth investing in.

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