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10 Crucial Skills To Look For When Hiring Angular Developers

A new standard for dynamic, expandable, and fluidly functioning applications is Angular. Businesses across the world are learning its value in the web development sector. And that has naturally led to a rise in demand to hire Angular developers.

However, there is still a lack of clarity while defining the role of an Angular developer. It’s not only about the ability to code, but to navigate and use this framework to its full potential. Angular is quite flexible in its structure, owing to its roots in JavaScript just as Reacts. This has made it a popular choice for both startups as well as established giants of the industry.


While looking for the perfect Angular developer for your project, understand the skills that you will need. This article will help you identify those necessary skills and help you hire only the best!

Let us take a look at the top 10 Angular developer’s skills in general to look for while hiring:

1. Proficiency in Core JavaScript:

Being proficient with JavaScript is an absolute necessity for an Angular developer. Angular is a JavaScript extension, much like Reacts. Hence, it requires an understanding of asynchronous programming, ES6 features, closures etc. 

Fundamental knowledge of these things matter a lot more than you may think. Without it, you may miss out on utilizing the best features of Angular. So, ensure that your candidate has a solid foundational background in JavaScript.

2. Understanding of MVC Architecture:

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is what Angular structure thrives on. This design ensures an organized and modular code in the application. It is imperative for an Angular developer to understand how data is processed and displayed.

Having such segregation ensures an overall project management. It also helps in keeping the application easy-to-maintain and extendable.

3. Expertise in Angular Framework:

There are several features like directives, modules and services in Angular. A skilled developer must be a pro at using them all to provide innovative solutions.

Being able to extract the most out of the framework is the biggest quality of an Angular developer. Having such skills ensure smooth, efficient and dynamic running of the application.

4. Familiarity with Restful API Integration:

In the digital world, everything is interconnected. Having the aptitude to integrate Restful APIs and managing HTTP requests adds to a developer’s credibility. This is an important skill that lets the application remain loaded with data. The interaction of a data-rich application is always smoother for the user.

5. Proficiency in HTML and CSS:

HTML and CSS contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the application. An Angular developer should also be able to make the applications look pleasant. Better user-friendliness is the result of functionality and attractive design.

An engaging user experience is an amalgamation of form and function. Hence, being proficient in HTML and CSS is another significant skill to look for.

6. Knowledge of Typescript:

Typescript is generally used to improve the code quality. It is a superset of JavaScript and is quite helpful in overall enhancement of the app.

It contains features like static typing and interfaces which help eliminate runtime errors. If an Angular developer has enough knowledge about Typescript, he/she can provide much better results. The applications they produce will be highly core-stable, dependable, and efficient.

Every code can fall victim to errors. But it is the expertise and testing skill of the developer that guides the process to solutions. It is an invaluable ability of a developer that you must look out for.

After writing the code, they should be able to ensure that it’s error-free. A good Angular developer can debug, identify & rectify issues for smooth user experience.

8. Version Control/Get:

Web development is not a one-person job. Web developers have to collaborate for effective project management. In such collaborations, version control and Get are of utmost importance.

In today’s tech-driven world, people are using a number of devices to access apps. Hence, it is crucial for an Angular developer to ensure that they are responsive enough.

It helps you keep track of all the changes, code merging, and reverting to previous states. A developer must be proficient in Get to be able to ensure a streamlined, organized web development process.

9. Responsive Design Skills:

They should be able to run smoothly on every screen size. Whether the user is on a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet, the experience has to remain consistent. Do not miss out on checking for this skill in your candidate.

10. Soft Skills and Problem-Solving:

This one goes for all kinds of technical profiles at any point in time. While technical skills are important, soft skills are what make a difference.

Collaborations are a routine part of an Angular developer’s job. So it is important to ensure good communication, empathy and problem-solving ability.

With these skills, developers can interpret the tasks better and work in harmony. Navigating the challenges and making the project successful also heavily depend on these.


Roadmap to finding the perfect Angular talent

The Angular scenario in the digital world today is much like a labyrinth. It does offer a lot of promising possibilities and opportunities, but you need an expert to navigate through them. As we took a glance at some of the most important skills to look for as you hire an Angular developer, you can now ensure a good hire.

Every single skill makes a difference to your project’s outcome. May it be the fundamentals of JavaScript, the MVC architecture, or basic soft skills? The ultimate outcome can be a flawless application if the developer has all these skills. The app can be a user-centric, efficient, and dynamic digital product for the users.

However, hiring Angular developers with such skills isn’t just about filling a vacancy. It’s about ensuring that your project’s journey remains smooth, strategic, and leads to success. Don’t forget to save this guide for your future reference during the hiring process. Now, it’s time for you to go out there and find your perfect Angular developer!

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