Prioritizing Safety: Gas Certificates for Your Home

Gas engineers issue safety certificates to verify that a property’s gas installation and appliances are safe.It is issued when a registered engineer performs repairs, improvements, or safety inspections on a property.While these certificates are generally useful for owners, they are essential for landlords in compliance with UK housing legislation.

Let’s discuss the importance and benefits of having a gas safety certificate and how it keeps your home safe.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas safety certificates are documents that you receive after your property’s gas-related pipework, appliances, and installation have been checked and maintained by a qualified gas engineer.Depending on the work needed on your property, your certificate will have different content. Landlords receive a comprehensive breakdown of the work carried out through the certificate.

A registered engineer is the only person permitted to carry out gas safety certificates and checks. The regulations are a legally enforceable requirement. Failure to comply may result in fines, penalties, and even legal action.

Why Does Your Home Need a Gas Safety Certificate?

A poorly maintained gas installation and associated appliances can pose a serious risk. Leaks, fires, and explosions can occur due to faulty gas appliances and infrastructure. To prevent this from happening, you need gas safety certificates. But that’s not the only reason; here are a couple more.

1. Landlords Have a Legal Obligation To Do So

According to British law, landlords must ensure their tenants live in a safe and secure environment. Landlords must ensure that gas appliances, fixtures, and flues are suitable per the Gas Safety Regulations 1998. The Certificate must also be kept up to date.

  • Preventing Legal Repercussions

Landlords have a legal obligation to have this certificate. If gas safety rules are not adhered to, landlords may face severe fines, prison sentences, or even injury to their tenants. Landlords can avoid legal repercussions by obtaining a Gas Safety Certificate.

3. Providing Tenants With a Safe Environment

The Certificate confirms the safety of all gas appliances in a rental property after they have been inspected. Your tenants will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their health and safety are your priority.

4. Building Trust With Your Tenants

By proactively applying for a Gas Safety Certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to providing tenants with a safe and secure environment. In this manner, you will increase trust between you and your tenant.

5. Assuring a High Property Value

It has been found that rented properties that have a valid Gas Safety Certificate are more valuable in the market. A safe apartment in compliance with the law is more likely to be selected by potential tenants. Renters can attract trustworthy and responsible tenants if landlords prioritize gas safety.

6. Reducing The Risk of Gas-Related Incidents

Gas-related accidents, such as leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning, may have serious consequences. Landlords must prioritize gas safety to reduce the risk of these incidents. This is a major point since every year,  according to Statista, more than 700 deaths happen in the UK due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and the number is very high, especially in winter months.

How Does a Gas Safety Check Work?

An engineer performing a gas safety check inspects your home’s gas appliances and infrastructure for safety and state of repair.Typically, the engineer checks the following:

  • Everything is functioning as it should
  • No significant faults exist in the appliances
  • Ventilation passages on the appliance are in good working condition with no obstructions
  • Assuring that the system does not contain leaks or other problems
  • Inspect the appliance to ensure that all safety devices are functioning properly
  • When an appliance malfunctions, its safety mechanism shuts it down and prevents an accident from occurring

What Does it Cost to Obtain a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate costs from £60 to £120. This price range is typical for a property with one hob, a gas fire, and a boiler. You will be charged an additional £10 for each appliance you have in your home.Moreover, the location of your home has a significant impact on the price. A gas check for a property in London may cost more than one in the rest of the country due to higher overhead costs.

What is the Best Way to Find a Gas Safety Expert?

The Gas Safe register website offers a ‘find by location’ search feature for finding registered engineers. Otherwise, you can speak with your local gas safety provider – but make sure they’re Gas Safe registered first.

Using the official website’s ‘check an engineer’ window, you can verify if the engineer servicing your property is registered with Gas Safe. Your engineer’s picture, qualifications, and experience will be displayed when you enter their card number.

Does a Gas Safety Certificate Need to Be Present When Selling a Home?

The process of purchasing or selling a property involves certain rules. Understanding the requirements for gas safety is useful to prospective buyers or sellers during the sale or purchase of a property.At present, there is no obligation within the law for landlords to have gas safety certificates at the time of selling a home.

However, prospective buyers can be more at ease regarding gas appliance functionality and operation by obtaining a valid gas safety certificate. Therefore, a sale is more likely to occur as a result.Before placing a property on the market, you should ensure it poses no safety risks to a prospective buyer and have a gas safety certificate that assures that.

What is The Time Duration of a Gas Safety Check?

Gas safety checks take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The process may take longer to complete when the property is quite large. A gas-safe engineer may also take longer to inspect and report any serious appliance or installation problems if there are serious faults.


Prioritizing safety in our homes is of utmost importance, and one crucial aspect to consider is obtaining gas certificates. These certificates ensure that the gas appliances in our homes are functioning safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of accidents or hazards.

By obtaining gas certificates, we demonstrate our commitment to creating a secure living environment for ourselves and our loved ones. Regular inspections, maintenance, and obtaining certificates provide peace of mind and safeguard against potential gas-related incidents.

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