Is Days Gone Available on Xbox? All You Need to Know

Days Gone and Xbox: What’s the Story?

is days gone on Xbox Days Gone is a super cool video game that lots of people love to play. In it, you’re a character named Deacon St. John, and you’re trying to survive in a world that has changed a lot because of a huge pandemic. Sounds thrilling, right? But wait, can you play this fun game on your Xbox? Let’s find out!

What’s Days Gone?

Days Gone is an exciting game full of adventure and action. Bend Studio made it in 2019. In the game, Deacon St. John is a former bad guy turned good guy, and he has to figure out how to live in this new world that’s pretty scary and strange.

Can You Play Days Gone on Xbox?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Days Gone was only on PlayStation 4 and later on the PC. So, sadly, Xbox players couldn’t play it.

However, the world of video games changes super quickly! So, always check for new updates from Bend Studio and Xbox to see if they’ve made the game available on Xbox.

Will Days Gone Ever Be on Xbox?

Sony, who helps make Days Gone, usually only lets their games be played on their devices. But sometimes, they do let their games be played on other devices. For example, they let Days Gone be played on PC even though it was originally just for PlayStation 4.

We don’t know yet if Sony and Bend Studio will let Days Gone be played on Xbox. They have to think about many things like rules about sharing games, how much money they could make, and if they want to keep the game just for Sony devices.

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How to Stay in the Know

If you want to know if Days Gone is coming to Xbox, you should keep an eye on what Xbox and Bend Studio say. You can sign up for their newsletters, follow them on social media, and join video game chat rooms.

Wrapping Up

So, in simple words, as of September 2021, Days Gone was not playable on Xbox. But remember, video games change all the time! Stay updated with all the latest news. Who knows? You might soon be able to play Days Gone on your Xbox!

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