A Style Guide to Enhancing Your Outfit with the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

There are plenty of sunglasses that you could choose from and it can be overwhelming at times. To make things easier for you, picking sports sunglasses just might work as they’re a mix of both function and style. They also showcase and emphasize some of your best facial features

With that said, let’s explore ways to enhance your fashion style with the ideal or perfect pair of sunglasses.

Why Do People Wear Sunglasses?

Before we head over to the main matter, let’s know the reasons why folks like you wear sunglasses. We’ll cover the reasons behind the need for wearing this eyewear listed here:

1. Protect Your Eye From Different Elements

First off, let’s cover the main reason for you to wear sunglasses – protection. Most people wear prescription Oakley sunglasses to ensure that no foreign particles can reach their eyes. The lenses of the sunglasses offer a form of protection from elements such as dust particles or rain drops which can irritate your eyes.

2. Protection Against Eye Conditions Caused by Excessive Light

The second reason why people would want to wear sunglasses is to prevent eye diseases from occurring. These eye conditions are caused by excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. These rays often contain harmful UV rays which can cause conditions like cataracts or pterygium. All of these conditions can negatively alter your sight, so getting a pair of suitable sunglasses can be crucial to preserving your vision.

3. Provides You With Improved Visuals

Choosing the right Oakley sports sunglasses ensures that you have enhanced vision regardless of the scenario. When you are in a place with strong lighting, the sunglasses cut down on glare from sources of light. Getting the right lenses for your sunglasses also enhances color and contrast which enhances your visuals.

In comparison, in darker areas or when looking through water – it provides contrast which gives you an outline of the objects in your area. In the case of the latter, it also protects you from the reflective glare present on the water’s surface.

4. Prevents Headaches or Migraines

Excessive light exposure can result in migraines or splitting headaches. Fortunately, wearing sunglasses allows you to stay in the sun without experiencing any pain. Ideally, you’d want to use sunglasses that block all UV rays for maximum effect.

What Styles Are Currently Great to Go with Your Outfit?

Sunglasses, regardless of style, are versatile as they go well with almost every outfit you wear. Whether it is for sports or any special occasion, the best glasses can elevate how fashionable you look. Here are some of the ideal sunglass styles that you can choose from:

1. Geometric-styled sunglasses

Geometric-styled Oakley sports glasses utilize an interesting and unique take on sunglasses. The geometric style is a non-traditional shape of sunglasses, which are typically either octagonal or hexagonal in shape. These glasses are a great pick if you’d like to use a different style of eyewear that’s a departure from normal sunglasses.

2. Oversized sunglasses

If you chose oversized sunglasses, then it’s likely because you enjoy fashion from the 70s. These oversized sunglasses evoke that retro or vintage feeling that you are after. These sunglasses will go well with vintage outfits. One great occasion to use this would be at a 70’s party with a retro dress code.

3. Classic Browline sunglasses

The Oakley sports sunglasses that use a classic browline style are a timeless classic among all eyewear types. Classic browline glasses will never go out of style which makes them a well-rounded option for any of your outfits. They’re great for both occasions and sports and are generally a good fit for most face shapes.

4. Aviator sunglasses

Have you watched movies that feature pilots in sunglasses? That’s where aviator sunglasses got their name! These eyewear are designed for pilots and those in the air force.

If you choose to wear aviators, it’s best that you make a bold fashion choice. For instance, pairing your aviators with a stylish jacket or coat would be an excellent way to go.

The aviators also make a good fit for both retro and current fashion styles. This makes this style of sunglasses surprisingly flexible.

5. Cat-eye sunglasses

These sunglasses have a dramatic appearance, with the corners of the frames flaring upward in a curled swoop. Cat-eye sunglasses are also eyewear that works well with retro-themed outfits as they’re reminiscent of eyewear back in the 40s and 50s. These glasses elevate your retro attire by making it look more vintage.

Despite their retro designation, some cat-eye sunglasses nowadays take a more modern approach.

6. Square-frame sunglasses

Eyewear such as Oakley sports glasses that have a square frame possess a boxy yet uniform look. If you choose to wear these glasses, they’ll go well with both retro and modern outfits. When used with retro-themed attire, they are quite reminiscent of the nerd glasses that became popular during the 1950s. 

In the case of the latter, the square-frame sunglasses can be updated to match modern fashion. A little modification to make the square glasses look more sleek and elegant should work like a charm.

7. Round-Frame Sunglasses

Eyewear with round frames understandably has a circular lens shape. This gives the sunglasses a very distinct symmetrical appearance. You can choose to wear round Oakley sports glasses with either a vintage or modern look. For a vintage or retro look, your round-frame sunglasses would need lenses with color to capture the essence of that period.

Modern outfits would use a more muted color for their frame such as black or beige to complement your outfit.

8. Rectangle-frame sunglasses

Rectangle-framed sunglasses are often opted for as these types of sunglasses are solid all-around eyewear for a wide range of outfits. Rectangle frame sunglasses can work with almost every clothing combination you can think of – formal, sporty or even casual.

Rectangle-frame sunglasses are also compatible with a variety of face shapes so no one is left out.

Many Sunglass Styles, Many Possible Combinations

Pairing the right pair of sunglasses with the right set of clothing can significantly elevate your appearance and style. Refer to the styles of sunglasses that we’ve covered so you can have an idea of what to mix and match. Luckily, in general, most sunglasses are compatible with a vast variety of clothing styles.

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