Sod Installation in Calgary

Sod installation is a quick and effective way to overhaul an unattractive lawn. Sod companies will work with you to select a healthy turf variety that is suited for your climate.

Sod is usually grown locally, which makes it more cost-effective and easier to establish. It is also much quicker than growing grass from seeds.

Professional Installation

Sod is a great option to give your home a green and lush lawn. It requires little to no maintenance once established and is a fast-acting alternative to seed. It is also a convenient way to repair damaged areas of your yard or replace your existing lawn. However, laying sod can be tricky and requires a professional touch.

Sod is grown on specialized farms and harvested into long strips or rolls of grass and soil, which are then installed as a new lawn. It can be made from a number of grass species, including bermudagrass, fescue and rye.

Project landscape uses high-quality sod to ensure that our customers get the best results for their landscaping projects. Our team will carefully prepare the soil for sod installation, including removing any existing weeds and making sure that the soil is levelled. They will then lay the sod evenly, ensuring that there are no visible seams. After the sod is installed, it will be watered thoroughly to encourage the roots to take root in the soil.

Topsoil Preparation

The success of a new lawn depends on the soil. In order for the grass to grow, it needs nutrient rich soil with great drainage.

To prepare your site, clear the area of all debris & rocks – weeds, surface roots & stumps if necessary. Rough grade the site to improve drainage, reduce severe slopes & fill in low spots.

A quality topsoil should be added to achieve a finished soil depth of at least 8 inches (ideally more). This should be true topsoil, not fill dirt, as it is dark and nutrient rich from years of organic decomposition.

Make sure the soil is spread, leveled & rolled/compacted before sod arrives. This will ensure that the sod is installed correctly and with minimal stress to the soil underneath. Also, be sure to water thoroughly.

Grass Selection

Choosing the right grass for your lawn is important for success with sod. Grass that is adapted to the climate of your area will thrive and grow quickly when planted correctly. We recommend using Kentucky and rye grasses for Calgary’s climatic conditions.

If you are planning on laying sod yourself, it is recommended to ask a friend for help because the rolls of sod can be heavy. Before installation, dampen the soil and prepare your sod by removing any bumps or divots in the yard that may affect the proper placement of the turf.

The best time to lay sod is in the spring and early fall because of cooler temperatures and frequent rain that helps new sod take root quickly. Aim to water the sod within a half hour of unrolling for better results. Do not walk on the sod while it is wet to avoid damaging the roots. Watering twice a day should be sufficient for the first week to get the sod established.

Grass Installation

Unlike seed, sod is a mature grass that is ready to use immediately. It is a popular option for people who want an instant, lush lawn and need to use their yard right away.

The first step is to lay the soil. This requires raking, adding topsoil, and leveling any dips in the landscape. It’s also a good idea to add a fertilizer, based on the results of your soil test.

Once the soil is prepared, it’s time for sod. It’s important to keep in mind that sod should never be laid over weeds, as this can cause the weeds to take over and choke out the new grass.

The first roll of sod should be unrolled in a brick pattern, and the cuts should be staggered. You may need to fill in gaps with a knife, especially around sprinkler heads. It’s also a good idea not to walk on the sod, as this can shift it and leave holes.

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