A Holiday Packing Checklist for Families

A family holiday offers a great opportunity for the family (parents, kids, and sometimes even pets) to bond together and create lasting memories to cherish forever. To ensure everything goes smoothly, pack all the necessary supplies to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Here is a checklist for all the supplies you need while on the road.

Toddler Travel Accessories

#1. Sturdy Bag – Start by getting a good, sturdy bag to carry all the items you intend to have in your travels. A good travel bag should be easy to clean while on the go. As such, ensure the bag has a wipe-clean lining that makes it easy to clean any dirt that finds its way into the bag. Additionally, ensure the bag has a wide strap, as it is more comfortable to carry. If you’re flying for vacation, ensure the bag is appropriately sized to carry as hand luggage.

#2. Car Seat – A toddler car seat will come in handy whether traveling by car, bus, train, or flying or even on a ferry like this. It will double as a toddler seat as you move around.

#3. Collapsible Stroller – Invest in a lightweight but durable collapsible stroller that you can use in public transport and stow away in overhead lockers on planes.

#4. Blanket(s) – Carry at least one blanket for comfort, warmth, and shade. You might need a blanket (or two) to help your little ones nap while traveling.

Food And Drink Supplies

#1. Feeding Equipment – 

Washing utensils on the go can be difficult. With that in mind, pack ample forks, bowls, and spoons to negate having to wash after yourself every meal. Pack plenty of wet wipes and a few bibs to clear up spills.

#2. Beakers And Bottles – Dehydration can be a genesis of many problems while traveling. Encourage your kids to drink water, especially if you’re flying and going to a high altitude or hot weather destination.

#3. Snacks – Snack choices are plenty and varied. Consider packing rice cakes, fruits (fresh and dried), breadsticks, dry cereal packs, and cereal bars. If you have the space, pack more than you’ll need. You’ll be grateful you had extras when you face emergencies such as delays. Additionally, you can use the snacks to distract your kids if need be.

#4. Milk Supplies – If your kid is still breastfeeding and your partner wants to help you with the feeding, it will be easier for everyone if you have expressing equipment while taking the trip. With the equipment, you and your partner can quickly your toddler while on vacation.

Clothing And Nappies

#1. Nappies – Depending on your vacation destination, you might not need to stock up with nappies and opt to buy some at your destination. That said, carrying some with you in case of delays or emergencies is still a good idea.

#2. Nappy-Changing Accessories – You also need to consider how you’ll be changing your toddler on the go. Pack plenty of wet wipes and tissue paper. Pack plenty of resealable plastic bags to pack and store used nappies, bibs, and clothes. 

#3. Clothes – For every day you plan to be away, pack one or two clothes. However, if there are laundry facilities where you’ll be staying, you might get away with packing fewer clothes. Additionally, pack clothes that are capable of hiding dirt. Dark clothes and denim are suitable for this application. Also, prepare for any unforeseen weather. You can dress your toddler in layers.

Keep him or her sheltered from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat is also essential to keep the sun’s rays away from her face. 

Finally, do not forget to pack pyjamas and lots of underwear for changing.

#4. Swimming Gear – If there will be swimming during vacation – whether at the pool or beach – pack a couple of swimming costumes and all the swimming aids your kids to use. Pack ample swim nappies as they can be difficult to find sellers abroad.

#5. Potty Training Equipment – If you have a toddler who has just potty training, you should also consider taking her potty. Alternatively, carry an ample supply of pull-up pants on your trip.

Bed And Bath Supplies

#1. Travel Cot – Does your accommodation provide a baby cot? If not, you should take your own. Also, pack an ample supply of blankets and sheets.

#2. Comforters – If your kid is used to sleeping with his or her favourite blanket or toy, remember to pack when leaving home. Your toddler might have a hard time sleeping without it.

#3. Toddler Toiletries – Pack all the toiletries your kid likes and uses. This is especially crucial for kids with sensitive skin. Pack their shampoo, bath wash, and lotion in travel bottles and pack the sponges and flannels they use in a resealable plastic bag. The plastic bag will protect your luggage from leaking shampoos and lotion.

Other Toddler Essentials

#1. Travel Documents – Your child also needs a passport to travel. Apply for one early enough as the passport might take some time to arrive. Additionally, double-check your travel insurance to ensure it covers your toddler as well.

#2. Toys And Books – Pack a number of your toddler’s favourite toys. You can also pack a few new kids toys to give your toddler as surprise gifts to distract and keep them busy during long journeys. Importantly, ensure the toy is sturdy and does not have easy-to-lose parts. 

#3. Sunscreen – Your child needs plenty of protection from the sun. Pack a water-resistant SPF (sun protection factor) 15 or more sunscreen.

#4. Nightlight And/Or Blackout Blinds – Consider how your toddler likes to sleep. Do they find it difficult to sleep in a too-dark or too-bright room? Well, you need to find a way to adjust the lighting. Moreover, you might need to consider nightlights to use during nappy changes. You also need to carry blackout blinds to keep your parked car cool.

Safety Equipment – Finally, ensure you park a comprehensive first-aid kit. Additionally, you might want to park some childproofing supplies to enhance your child’s safety in your apartment. For instance, a travel stair gate, corner protectors, cupboard locks, and slip-resistant bath mats will enhance your kid’s safety while on vacation.

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