Why should you implement automation in regression testing?

It can be difficult to keep up with the fast pace of the world, especially in software development. With the ongoing reduction of software development cycles, regression testing has become increasingly important to avoid any negative impacts on the software’s present functionality. However, manual regression testing is frequently dull, time-consuming, and vulnerable to errors. 

As a solution to these problems, it is recommended to incorporate automation into the system. This can facilitate software development teams in hastening the testing procedure, lessening errors, and advancing the general quality of their products. In this article, we will explore the benefits of automation in regression test and why it is a must-have for any business that wants to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Saves Time and Resources

Manual regression testing is characterized by repetitive, monotonous work, which can result in errors and consume considerable time. These factors can delay the release of software products. However, automation can address these issues by significantly reducing the time required to execute regression tests. Furthermore, automation can perform tests concurrently, accelerating the identification of errors. Additionally, automation decreases the resources required for regression testing. However, with an automation test platform, you only need to invest in the automation tools and the resources needed to maintain them.

Increases Test Coverage

The number of tests that can be executed in a given timeframe is a constraint for manual regression testing. Consequently, some important tests may be omitted, leading to undetected errors. However, automation can improve test coverage by running multiple tests concurrently. This helps to identify errors that may have gone unnoticed during manual testing. Moreover, automation allows for testing scenarios that may be challenging to replicate manually. For instance, scenarios requiring the simultaneous login of multiple users or scenarios involving a substantial amount of data can be challenging to replicate manually.

Enables Reusability

Automation offers a notable benefit in terms of test case reusability. Unlike manual testing, where test cases must be executed manually during regression testing, automation allows test cases to be created once and utilized multiple times. This not just reduces effort but also decreases the possibility of mistakes. The reusability of test cases also enhances testing coverage by allowing for more extensive software testing. Using the same test cases repeatedly permits a more comprehensive software examination. 

Facilitates Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is a software development procedure that entails the uninterrupted merging of code alterations into the primary code repository. This approach necessitates frequent examination to guarantee that the alterations do not negatively influence the software’s performance. Automation enables continuous integration by automating the examination process. Automation can automatically conduct evaluations when code alterations are implemented, assuring that the alterations do not harm the software’s current performance.


In conclusion, implementing automation in regression testing is crucial for organizations that want to improve the speed and quality of their software delivery. With Opkey’s automation test platform, you can easily automate your regression testing process and achieve faster and more efficient results. Opkey’s advanced features, such as scriptless test automation and AI-based testing, make it a powerful tool for streamlining your testing process and reducing costs. So, to take your regression testing to the next level, try Opkey and see how it can transform your testing process. 

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