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GamerSupps is a popular brand of gaming supplements that has gained a loyal following among gamers. The brand offers a range of products designed to enhance focus, energy, and endurance during long gaming sessions. As the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, more and more gamers are turning to supplements like GamerSupps to help them perform at their best.

However, it’s important for consumers to know who owns the brands they support. The ownership of a brand can have a significant impact on its values, direction, and marketing strategies. Understanding the ownership structure of a brand like GamerSupps can help consumers make informed decisions about whether to support the brand and can also provide insight into the company’s potential future success. In this article, we will explore the ownership and history of GamerSupps in more detail.

History of GamerSupps

GamerSupps was founded in 2016 by gamers who were looking for a better alternative to traditional energy drinks. They noticed that existing energy drinks on the market were loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients that led to crashes and jitters. They set out to create a healthier, more effective gaming supplement that would provide sustained energy and focus without the negative side effects.

In its early years, GamerSupps faced significant challenges in establishing itself in a crowded market dominated by major players like Red Bull and Monster Energy. However, the company’s focus on high-quality, scientifically-formulated products and its commitment to the gaming community helped it gain traction among a growing audience of gamers.

As the brand gained popularity, it began to expand its product offerings and distribution channels. Today, GamerSupps offers a variety of gaming supplements, including energy and focus drinks, powder mixes, and capsules. The brand has also expanded its presence in the gaming community through partnerships with popular streamers and esports teams.

Some notable achievements and milestones in GamerSupps’ history include:

  • The launch of its flagship product, GG, in 2016
  • The introduction of new flavors and product lines, such as its RTD (ready-to-drink) energy drinks
  • The expansion of its distribution to include major retailers like Amazon and GNC
  • Partnerships with popular gaming influencers and esports organizations, such as FaZe Clan and NRG Esports
  • Recognition as the “Official Energy Drink of Esports” by the National Esports Association in 2018.

Despite facing stiff competition in the energy drink and gaming supplement market, GamerSupps has managed to carve out a niche for itself by focusing on quality and authenticity. Its commitment to the gaming community and its innovative approach to product development have helped it become a trusted and respected brand among gamers.

Ownership of GamerSupps

GamerSupps is a privately-owned company, meaning that its ownership structure is not publicly traded. As of 2021, the company is owned by a group of investors who have not been publicly identified.

However, GamerSupps’ ownership history is relatively complex. The company was originally owned by a group of investors that included gaming influencer FaZe Rain and entrepreneur FaZe Adapt. In 2019, FaZe Rain announced that he had sold his stake in the company to an undisclosed buyer, although he retained his position as a brand ambassador.

Since then, there have been no public announcements regarding changes in ownership. It’s possible that the current group of investors purchased the company from the original owners, or that new investors have since acquired a stake in the brand.

Despite the lack of public information about GamerSupps’ current ownership, there are several key stakeholders and investors who have played a role in the company’s growth and success. These include:

  • FaZe Clan: GamerSupps has a longstanding partnership with esports organization FaZe Clan, which includes co-branded products and marketing campaigns. FaZe Clan is one of the most prominent esports organizations in the world, and its support has helped GamerSupps gain visibility among the gaming community.
  • Venture Capital Firms: In 2019, GamerSupps announced that it had secured funding from venture capital firms, including Alkame Holdings and ARC Group. These firms are likely among the group of investors who currently own the company.
  • Influencers: GamerSupps has worked with a variety of gaming influencers and content creators to promote its products. These individuals may also have a stake in the company or receive compensation for their promotional activities.

Overall, while the current ownership of GamerSupps is not publicly known, the brand has received support and investment from a variety of stakeholders and investors throughout its history

Impact of Ownership on GamerSupps

.Ownership plays a significant role in shaping a company’s direction and values, as the owners have the power to make decisions that impact the brand’s strategy and reputation. Under its current ownership, GamerSupps has focused on catering to the needs of the gaming community through partnerships with influencers and esports organizations, as well as a commitment to developing high-quality, science-backed products.

GamerSupps’ branding and marketing strategies have also reflected its ownership’s values and priorities. The brand has emphasized authenticity and transparency in its messaging, emphasizing its commitment to creating products that are safe and effective for gamers. It has also leveraged partnerships with influencers and esports teams to build credibility and reach among its target audience.

However, changes in ownership could potentially have an impact on GamerSupps’ future direction and branding. New owners may have different priorities or values, leading to shifts in the brand’s strategy or messaging. It’s also possible that new investors could inject additional capital into the company, allowing it to pursue new opportunities or expand its product offerings.

Ultimately, the impact of ownership on GamerSupps will depend on the goals and priorities of the current and future owners. However, the brand’s focus on serving the needs of the gaming community and commitment to quality and transparency are likely to remain core values regardless of who owns the company.

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Controversies and criticisms

GamerSupps has faced some controversies and criticism related to its ownership and business practices. One notable controversy involved accusations of impropriety in the company’s affiliate program, with some influencers alleging that they had not received proper compensation for promoting the brand. Additionally, some critics have raised concerns about the safety and effectiveness of GamerSupps’ products, with some suggesting that they may contain potentially harmful ingredients.

In response to these issues, GamerSupps has taken steps to address the concerns of influencers and customers. The company has revised its affiliate program to ensure fair compensation for promotional activities, and it has also provided more detailed information about the ingredients in its products to help consumers make informed decisions.

However, these controversies and criticisms could still have a negative impact on GamerSupps’ reputation and success. If consumers perceive the brand as being dishonest or unsafe, they may be less likely to purchase its products or recommend them to others. Additionally, negative publicity could make it more difficult for the company to attract new investors or expand into new markets.


In summary, this article has provided an overview of GamerSupps, including its history, ownership, and controversies. We have discussed the impact of ownership on a brand’s direction and values, as well as the potential implications of controversies and criticisms on a brand’s reputation and success.

Understanding a brand’s ownership is important for consumers, as it can provide insight into the company’s priorities and values. By knowing who owns a brand, consumers can make informed decisions about the products they purchase and the companies they support.

In conclusion, we encourage readers to learn more about the brands they support, including their ownership and business practices. By doing so, consumers can support companies that align with their values and contribute to a more ethical and sustainable marketplace.

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