Exploring the History and Impact of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Learn about the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, a newspaper published in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Here you will find information about the newspaper’s coverage of local news, politics, sports, and more, as well as you can access its print and online editions.


Newcastle Evening Chronicle is one of the most beloved newspapers serving the community of Newcastle upon Tyne for over 150 years. The newspaper began as a weekly publication in 1858 and has evolved into a daily with a strong focus on local news, politics, sports, business, and entertainment. 

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle’s history, coverage, format, and impact on the community.

What is Newcastle Evening Chronicle?

Newspapers such as the Newcastle Evening Chronicle are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. In 1609, the first paper was published in the city, and it is now one of the most important sources of news and information.

History of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

  • The first edition of the eveningchronicle newspaper was published on May 1, 1858, by John Waddington and John Attwood.
  • The publication began as a weekly, but switched to a daily format in 1871.
  • It has been owned by a number of different companies over the course of its history, the current owner being Reach plc, a British media company.

Coverage of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

  • Local news, politics, sports, business, and entertainment are among the topics covered by the newspaper.
  • This channel is particularly famous for its coverage of Newcastle United Football Club, a professional soccer team based in the city.
  • A major focus of the newspaper is also on local news and events, with regular articles highlighting local businesses and organizations.

Format and Distribution of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

  • The Newcastle eveningchronicle is published in both print and online editions.
  • Subscribers can purchase the print edition at newsstands or through subscription services. A copy of the newsletter is also delivered to homes and businesses in Newcastle.
  • The newspaper’s website,, provides the latest news and articles from the print edition as well as content exclusive to the website.
  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle is not only a news paper, but also includes a variety of regular features, such as puzzles, horoscopes, and classified ads.

Impact of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle has played an important role in the city’s life for over 150 years.
  • The publication has served as an important source of information as well as a platform for local voices.
  • The newspaper has contributed to the rich media landscape in the city in addition to producing other local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations.
  • A comprehensive advertising section of the newspaper has also served as an important platform for local businesses. This has provided local businesses with an opportunity to reach a larger audience while providing a platform on which to promote their products and services.
  • Local residents have also found inspiration in the paper. A forum for the voices of local residents and an outlet for community concerns, it has given a voice to the concerns of the community. Local artists have also found inspiration in the paper, having been featured in it and using its promotion to spread their message.
  • Newcastle upon Tyne has been impacted by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle for an extended period of time, and its influence is still felt today. The newspaper has been an integral part of the history and culture of the city through its commitment to reporting local news and events, and promoting local businesses.


  1. How can I submit a letter to the editor or an opinion piece to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle?

Visit the Newcastle Evening Chronicle’s website to submit a letter to the editor or opinion piece, and follow the instructions provided. Your submission may be edited for clarity and length if you are required to provide your name and contact information.

  1. What can I find in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle?

There is a wide range of topics covered by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle including local news, sports, business, entertainment, opinion, lifestyle, and more. A variety of other features and sections are also provided on the site, such as a sports section, a business section, a section devoted to entertainment, a section devoted to editorials, and a section devoted to lifestyle.


A staple of Newcastle upon Tyne’s fabric for over 150 years, the Newcastle Evening Chronicle has played an important role in the development of the city. Its coverage of local news, sports, and community events keeps residents informed and engaged, while its regular features and classified advertisements make it an outstanding resource for the community. 

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle is an indispensable source of local news and information, whether you are looking for the latest headlines or simply wish to stay informed about what is occurring in your city.

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