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Troubleshooting Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code


If you very own a Samsung dishwasher, you can come across the LC blunder code, indicating a leak or moisture detected with the aid of the dishwasher’s leak sensor.This manual will provide troubleshooting steps that will help you solve the difficulty. We’ll cover numerous models of Samsung dishwashers, such as DB3710DB, DB3710DW, DB5710DT, DMR57LFBXAA, and many greater.

No Visible Leak 

If you don’t see any signs of a leak, observe those steps to deal with the LC error code.

Check for Water or Moisture

Begin with the aid of unplugging the dishwasher or turning off the strength on the circuit breaker. Inspect your dishwasher for any signs of water or moisture. Pay near attention to regions across the water hoses, door seals, and below the dishwasher. If you note any water or moisture, proceed to the next segment.

Garbage Disposal Connection 

If your dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal, ensure that the garbage disposal cap has been eliminated. Leaving the cap in the vicinity can cause water to leak into areas where it should not, triggering the LC error code. Removing the cap should clear up the problem.

Drying Out the Dishwasher 

Allow the dishwasher to stay off for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. This time permits the dishwasher to dry out. After the ready duration, flip the dishwasher returned on and test if the error code has disappeared. If the error persists, it is able to be necessary to search for professional assistance.

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Using the Correct Detergent 

Ensure you are the use of the right quantity of dishwashing detergent. Excessive detergent can create excess moisture, triggering the leak sensor and the LC error code. Use the recommended quantity of detergent and clean out the detergent dispenser if necessary.

If the LC error code persists after following those steps, pass directly to troubleshooting visible leaks.

Visible Leak 

If you have a look at a visible leak, it is important to become aware of the source and cope with it for this reason. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Inspecting the Water Supply Hose 

To locate the water supply hose, ensure the electricity is grown to turn off the dishwasher. Examine the hose for any cracks, holes, free connections, or blockages. Repair or replace the hose if any harm is observed. Once you have got fixed or changed the hose, flip the dishwasher again to check if the error code has cleared.

Examining the Drain Hose 

Similarly, check out the drain hose for cracks, holes, free connections, or blockages. Ensure the energy is off. Repairing or replacing the drain hose is important. After solving or changing the hose, flip the dishwasher and return to check if the issue has been resolved.

Checking Door Seal and Gasket 

Inspect the door seal and gasket to ensure they are efficaciously located and unfastened from any damage including cracks or tears. Damaged seals and gaskets can cause water and moisture to leak out. Replace any damaged seals or gaskets to save you in addition to leaks.

Cleaning the Door Seal and Gasket 

Cleaning the door seal and gasket is vital to make certain a tight seal. Grime and residue can create gaps that permit water and moisture to escape. Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the door seal and gasket thoroughly. After cleansing, make certain they’re absolutely dry earlier than remaining the dishwasher door.

Ensuring Proper Dishwasher Leveling 

Check that your dishwasher is sitting level on the floor. If the dishwasher isn’t designed, it may cause it to knock in opposition to the cabinet, probably leading to small leaks. Adjust the dishwasher legs and use a level to ensure it is flawlessly level. Once leveled, switch on the dishwasher and verify if the mistake code has disappeared.

Inspecting and Cleaning Spray Arms

Examine the spray arms for any signs of harm, inclusive of cracks or blockages. Damaged spray arms can purpose water to spray inside the wrong course, doubtlessly leading to leaks. Remove every spray arm and clean out any blockages. Replace any broken spray palms. After cleaning or replacing the spray hands, activate the dishwasher to test if the mistake code has cleared.

Seek Professional Assistance 

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps and the LC error code nonetheless persists, it could be essential to contact a professional technician. They have the understanding to diagnose and restore any complex troubles with your Samsung dishwasher.

Remember to frequently maintain and smooth your dishwasher to save you future blunder codes and make sure of premier overall performance.


In the end, the Samsung dishwasher LC error code shows a leak or moisture detected by using the dishwasher’s leak sensor. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned on this guide, you can cope with the problem and resolve the error code. Remember, in case you are uncertain or not able to remedy the hassle yourself, it is always high-quality to are seeking professional help.

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