7 creative contest ideas to boost engagement on Instagram

Instagram contests with creative themes can significantly enhance interactions and foster a lively online community. These competitions provide individuals with a unique platform to showcase their originality while engaging with businesses or profiles. Each contest concept sparks interest and promotes user-generated content. From “Caption This” challenges that solicit clever and creative captions for photographs, to “Throwback Thursday” competitions that tap into nostalgia and personal narratives, and “Guess the Filter” contests that encourage fans to explore different visual aesthetics. Photo and video challenges inspire contestants to display their artistic abilities, while contests incorporating hashtags increase brand visibility and user participation. Additionally, contests tied to holidays or current events demonstrate relevance and timeliness, driving engagement. These seven contest ideas have a proven track record of transforming passive scrollers into enthusiastic and engaged followers, breathing new life into any Instagram presence by fostering creativity, conversation, and a sense of community.

Like/share/comment to win

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The “Like, Share, and Comment to Win” technique stands out as a potent motivator in the world of imaginative contest ideas to increase interaction on Instagram. This strategy is important to focus on building genuine engagement rather than resorting to buy Instagram likes. It encompasses essential user interaction components and invites participants to actively engage with and appreciate the content. This multifaceted approach uses likes, shares, and comments as entry requirements: likes signify admiration, shares expand reach through network diffusion, and comments establish direct communication between users and content creators. This triad of activities not only generates interest but also fosters a sense of investment, turning users into co-producers of content-related discussions. Moreover, this approach naturally boosts awareness as interactions organically spread within users’ circles.

Take part in creative video contests

Engaging in distinctive video contests categorized as creative contest concepts provides a potent method for elevating Instagram engagement. These competitions infuse the user experience with dynamic and captivating elements, encouraging participants to flex their creative muscles through visual storytelling. Encouraging users to craft and share videos aligned with a specific subject or concept promotes a deeper level of interaction. Participants invest time and effort in crafting content that resonates with them, leading to a more intimate and personal connection. This emotional and intellectual investment prompts participants to showcase their creativity through videos, resulting in a diverse and enriched content pool. Beyond enhancing follower engagement, this approach boosts the likelihood of users willingly sharing the content. Thanks to innovative video contests, Instagram evolves into a dynamic platform for artistic collaboration and self-expression, ultimately driving engagement to new heights.

Voting Contest

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When it comes to original contest concepts aimed at increasing Instagram engagement, voting competitions play a pivotal role. By involving participants directly in the decision-making process, these contests foster inclusivity and community involvement. The act of voting for favorite entries creates a dual engagement dynamic. To amplify the contest’s visibility and reach, participants are encouraged to rally their own followers to support their entries. This heightened investment in the outcome leads to greater interest and interaction. Passive viewers transform into active participants who feel a strong connection to the subject matter. Voting fosters a sense of agency and contribution, igniting vibrant discussions among users about their choices. Essentially, voting contests breathe life into the Instagram platform by cultivating shared experiences and interactions, making them an indispensable tactic for enhancing engagement.

 Charitable Contest

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Among original contest concepts designed to boost Instagram interaction, charitable contests hold remarkable power. These competitions transcend the digital realm to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, merging creativity with the spirit of giving back. Participants in humanitarian contests do more than showcase their artistic prowess; they also contribute to a greater cause, fostering a sense of purpose and goodwill. This potent blend of creativity and compassion motivates followers to take action and spread the word. The ripple effect of these contests is substantial, as participants not only encourage their followers to participate but also inspire others to donate. Contests embodying community values and social responsibility enhance the authenticity of the engagement experience. With these initiatives, Instagram transforms into a space where creativity wields real influence, nurturing connections beyond the screen and offering users a sense of fulfillment as they effect change in the world.

Collaborative contests

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Among the array of creative contest ideas, collaborative contests hold a special place as a vital and captivating element that provides a unique opportunity to enhance Instagram engagement. These contests promote teamwork and camaraderie among users by encouraging collaboration and co-creation of content. The collaborative nature of these contests stimulates engagement not only among participants but also among their supporters, who eagerly anticipate the collective results. Diverse skills, perspectives, and creativity converge through collaborative efforts, resulting in a dynamic and multi-dimensional content pool that captures attention. As users share and promote collaborative entries, this approach not only boosts participant engagement but also broadens the audience for the content.

Hashtag challenges

Hashtag challenges emerge as a central strategy among imaginative contest concepts aimed at increasing Instagram interaction. Through a single intriguing concept, these challenges harness the power of creativity, community participation, and discoverability. Users are encouraged to offer their unique interpretations by creating a distinctive and memorable hashtag, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement. As participants utilize the designated hashtag to post their submissions, a dynamic stream of content emerges, attracting attention from both their followers and a larger audience searching for the hashtag. This strategy transforms everyday users into brand ambassadors who actively promote the challenge while showcasing their creative endeavors. As users rally around a common theme, hashtag challenges not only ignite friendly competition but also cultivate a sense of camaraderie. The ripple effect significantly expands the reach and awareness of both the challenge and the hosting profile, driving interaction and propelling the hashtag’s popularity. Ultimately, hashtag challenges serve as a fluid conduit connecting innovation, engagement, and exposure, making them a cornerstone of an effective Instagram engagement strategy.

Branded lens/AR contests

Branded lens/AR contests stand out above other innovative contest ideas as a cutting-edge and alluring feature that significantly increases Instagram engagement. These competitions bring together inventive technology and artistic expression, encouraging users to engage with a brand or profile on a completely new level. Users engage with material in an immersive and customized way by making and sharing their augmented reality (AR) creations using branded lenses, creating a strong emotional connection. As players strive to create the most fascinating and shareable AR experiences, the gamified nature of such competitions creates interest and excitement. These competitions not only increase brand recognition but also give users the chance to contribute to the content creation process. 


The variety of seven original contest concepts offers a flexible and alluring approach to greatly increasing engagement on the Instagram platform. These contest ideas have the ability to create a vibrant and enthusiastic community by capitalizing on the inborn human drive for self-expression, rivalry, and engagement. Each concept taps into a different aspect of creativity, from user-generated content competitions that encourage participants to show off their own talents to collaborative storytelling competitions that bring together many viewpoints. Furthermore, using hashtags, tagging, and sharing tools can expand the scope of these competitions and encourage diversity and virality. A multi-dimensional strategy that accommodates different user preferences is ensured by the inclusion of both individual and group participation.

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