Uninterrupted Surveillance: Exploring the Parking Mode Feature of Dash Cams That Record Even When Your Vehicle Is Parked

There are tons of incidents happening on the road every other day! Be it rash driving by the car owner, someone else crashing into your car, or even a thief breaking into a car, almost all of these incidents end up in court. But, to prove your innocence easily, you need evidence. And that is where dash cams come in. These cameras will record every moment of your car as you drive. And the newer dash cams have a parking mode feature as well.

You need uninterrupted surveillance to be better equipped against stealing attempts on your car. Last year alone, over 1 million cars were stolen in the United States according to government research. Now, you wouldn’t want to be the victim of auto theft at all. But in some cases, thieves break into a car and steal your valuable belongings. In this case, having uninterrupted surveillance of your car can be a good thing.

The parking mode in a dash cam will give you evidence of any break-in into your car. Additionally, it can be a helpful source of evidence in case of road accidents of your car. The benefits of installing a dashcam with uninterrupted surveillance are quite a few in comparison to its cost.

In this article, we will talk about the parking mode feature of dash cams.

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Understanding Dash Cams and Their Significance

A dashboard camera is a recording device set up on the dashboard of your car which helps keep track of what happens inside the car It is usually called a dash cam. This camera serves an important purpose as it can provide video proof in case of any criminal activities in the car.

These may include different types of auto thefts like car break-ins and thieves robbing drivers. If you want to be able to prove your point easily in court, the dash cam is your best option as it gives you video proof. It can not only help you do that but also scare some thieves and they’ll think twice before breaking into your car.

There are multiple types of dash cams. The first type is a simple camera mounted onto your dashboard and it simply starts recording when you turn it on. The second type is a camera which is connected to the internal systems of the car. This camera reacts to the ignition of your car’s engine and turns itself off if you shut your car. A dash cam with parking mode also keeps your car surveilled even when the engine is off.

Now, we are going to discuss the parking mode of the dash cam in even more detail:

Dash Cams with Parking Mode

A dash cam helps you keep track of what happens inside your car while you’re driving. The main purpose of it is to record uncertain moments like road accidents and police interactions. However, conventional cameras are not able to record anything when your car is parked.

The new versions of dash cams come with a parking mode feature. These cameras have different modes which record your car when it’s parked. Usually, these cameras will turn on recording if they detect movement. The recording happens for 30 seconds or 1 minute and then turns off on its own.

The following are some of the main types of dash cams that have a parking mode. We also explain how the parking mode of each type works in this part of the article.

1. Accelerometer Based

This is the first type of dash cam that depends on the movement of your car. If your car is stationary for 5 minutes, it will get ready for parking mode.

2. Ignition-Based

This type of camera is deep-wired into the car’s engine. It detects whether the engine is running or not. If the engine is running, it will record everything like a normal dash cam. If the engine is turned off, it will turn into parking mode.

Now we are about to discuss the different parking modes of a dash cam.

A. Motion Sensor Dash Cam

This is a dash cam with a motion sensor installed inside it. It works by a simple logic; if it detects motion inside the car, it will turn on recording for 30 seconds or 1 minute. The motion sensor in this camera is quite powerful in detecting any movement within its range.

B. Time-Lapse

The second parking mode of a dash cam is quite interesting. When your car is stationary, the camera will start a time-lapse recording of your car. If any impact or motion is felt by the camera’s sensors, the time-lapse will immediately change to general recording for 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode Feature

Now that we have discussed different cameras having different parking mode features, you wonder which one can be the best option for you. To be precise, it is a matter of personal choice. You should decide for yourself which camera suits your needs the best.

Though, we would suggest you have a dash cam with parking mode enabled at all times. Additionally, the dash cam should be professionally installed so it knows about the ignition of the car.

A dash cam with motion sensing technology can be a great option as it is more advanced and better equipped. In America, about 46% of auto theft is recovered partly because of such dashcams.


The outcome of this article is that a car with uninterrupted surveillance is deemed more safe. If you have to leave something valuable inside your vehicle, you will feel more confident about your stuff if a dash cam with parking mode is installed in your vehicle.

We talked about a few things related to dash cams and especially focused on the parking mode of dash cams. This article gives you important insights into why dash cams with parking modes are a must-have for your vehicle.

If you want to have your car and the valuables inside it more protected, choose a dashboard camera that has parking mode as well. These cameras are newer and might be a little bit expensive. Nevertheless, the extra protection is worth the extra penny.

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