9 Personalized gifts you can get for your boss

It is pretty challenging to find the perfect gift for your boss. After all, you don’t want to ruin your impression with the wrong thing. 

However, something with creativity and thoughtfulness, like a personalized gift, will enhance your professional relationship. Moreover, this will help you express your appreciation for your boss heartfeltly. 

It is found that personalized gifts that come from the heart are loved by 62 percent of Americans. They appreciate that gifting is more about the gesture, not about the price of the gift.

So, here are some personalized gifts that you can gift your boss.

1. Customizable Padfolio

You can send a customizable padfolio your boss’s way if they love to take notes. You can get this product in multiple color palettes. They can be gold on brown, black on brown, and gold on black.

2. Custom Artwork

Does your boss adore art? If you have a talent for painting, fancy yourself as a woodworker, or other art form, invest your skill in an artistic piece.

It will show great appreciation for your boss if you spend a few hours on their gift. In this one, you can think of painting or carving their image, something they enjoy in the article.

Not only are these gifts heartfelt, but they will also be great if you are on a budget.

3. Custom Neck Pillow

Though it might not look like it, your boss is dog-tired after managing all the upper management in the company. They also need to snooze once in a while. 

A custom neck pillow in its aesthetics, color, and needs can be a great choice!

Moreover, if they often have to travel to meet clients, they can also get some shut-eye while traveling. 

Research your boss’s allergies and choose a good hypoallergenic stuffing for the pillow. You can also get thoughtful thank you messages engraved on the concealed side. 

4. Custom Business Card

This gift is a highly useful one. Consider gifting your boss a custom business card with an image of their face on the back to impress them. These will help them in networking and expanding their business.

If you’re ready to splurge, you can invest more in the card aesthetics. If you want to go further, check out digital business cards. 

It’ll help them instantly share their information while networking without any hassle. Moreover, they can also update any information to their liking online!

5. Custom Name Plate

If you want to give something special to your boss, you can opt for a custom nameplate with engravings similar to the company logo.

You can also find nameplates with additional features like placate and business card holders.

6. Desktop Clock

Though this one is an old-school gift, its utility will never fade. When you give a desk clock as a gift, it will show off your classiness and professionalism.

Often desktop clocks have pens and nameplates attached to them. You can opt for them as well and get the gift further customized.

7. Engraved Pens

This can be a great functional and versatile gift for your boss. This can be more valuable if your boss likes to write more than type on a phone or laptop. You can find a great variety of engraved pens, from pocket friendly to luxurious ones.

8. Wooden Engraved Photo Frame

You can gift your boss with a photo engraved on wood. This can be a picture of your entire team or department.

Include some words of appreciation that can remind you what value your boss adds to your life.

But if they are family and you can access any of their social media, you can use a picture from their personal life.

9. Custom Plant Pot for Office Desk

Plants not only add beauty to a space, but they also refresh the stuffed office space. You can gift a plant pot of desirable size to your boss that can be placed in their cabin.

Choose a custom pot and get some motivational words carved on it for this.


These are the most popular gift for your boss and any higher-ups around you. You probably feel nervous about how they’ll perceive your gift. But if your good intention is spelled out on the personalized gift, it will only strengthen your professional bond!

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