Wavlink Router Technical Issues? Try The Setup Tips

Are you facing some technical issue in extender Setup? You must not think a lot about that. As even a technical issue is not a big task. wavlink router setup, from these steps would only take 10-15 minutes. 

Lets just discuss what are the issues which are really distracting the router technically. 

Some Technical Bugs In The Extender

  • It may be the connection issue of the laptop or the computer.
  • isn’t working properly.
  • The WiFi password is not in proper work.
  • WiFi signals are visible but unable to connect to them.
  • The router is not able to detect the IP address itself.

Steps for Wavlink Ap.setup/login

Follow the Steps of wavlink AP Setup to configure your devices without facing any issues regarding the process:

  • Let’s start the process by Log in to
  • To begin the Setup process first select the WiFi Settings menu.
  • Then choose the WiFi networks which you want to connect with your Wavlink router.
  • After then, Enter the password for the same network after a while save the settings.
  • Here, you have to leave your router to Reboot.
  • Now, connect the router to the Wavlink extender.
  • Therefore, connect the extender to a power extension and wait for a moment to boot, let the existing extender boot up (wait  for approx 5 minutes).
  • Once your extender meets the boot up levels then attach your system with an ethernet port from any of the existing 4 ports of the Wavlink router by using an ethernet cable.
  • As a result, wait until your computer connects to the Wavlink WiFi router setup wizard, else wait and follow steps below:
  • Finally, select the settings > then network> after that WiFi> therefore, click add network> now select WAN network from list > finally enter the password ‘admin’ > and your process is successfully complete here. 

Wavlink Setup With The WPS Method 

Though the WPS setup method is easy, you have to ensure that your router and the already installed extender are compatible.

  • To start the process first you need to connect your extender to the power source.
  • Now synchronize the Wavlink extender to the home network.
  • After that, connect your wavlink WiFi router.
  • Once you are unable to use your host router, just gently push the WPS button on the extender in the meanwhile. 
  • Blue LED Light is the signal of the successful connection. 
  • The extender will automatically detect the WIFI signals.
  • Just arrange the settings of the Wavlink WiFi Extender. 
  • Finally the network name SSID and the password of the host network are the same so enjoy.

Quick Tip: You can also configure the settings of the Wavlink router by login into the portal of Wavlink router Login and changing the settings Easily. 

Note: On some of the Internet Service Provider’s gateways WPS is disabled. Login to the range extenders page if the WPS connection of the range extender fails. The range extenders location must be within the range else the networks will suffer for sure. Ensure to select a worthy location to minimize the interference of the signals.

Troubleshoot Wavlink Router Setup Issues

  • Just examine the WiFi connection.
  • Then, check for the setting of the router.
  • After that, just see the router’s firmware. 
  • Therefore, see the router’s security settings.
  • Inquire the router’s firewall settings.
  • Verify the host configuration of the DHCP router.
  • The DHCP customer is responsible for acquiring an IP address and dereliction gateway from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol( DHCP) garcon on your network.  
  • Still, you’ll need to manually configure both of these values for each device connected to your Wavlink WiFi router, If this setting is impaired.  
  • An unconfigured Network Time Protocol (NTP) garçon allows bias on your network to automatically modernize their time prints with an accurate time from an external source using NTP waiters located around the world. 

Connect Your Extender With An Ethernet Wire

An Ethernet Wire is necessary to make a stable connection.

Setup the Extender with an Ethernet Wire and Setup the device easily. 

  • Just pick one Ethernet wire and connect the ethernet cable to the port of the PC or Laptop.
  • Then plug the other end of the wire into the port of the installed Extender. 
  • Finally connect the extender with the power extension.

How to Find out the Router’s Default IP address?

In most of the Wavlink routers the IP is common like, ‘192.168. 10.1’ you can use the particular IP as the default IP gateway. Although, one dual-band router might vary from another. Therefore, it is necessary to check the IP address of the Wavlink router first. 

A number of ways can determine the wireless router’s IP address. Are you a Windows 10/11 computer or laptop user? Then, just hold on to the Windows and I key simultaneously it can open up the “Settings” of your window and then go for “Network & Internet”. 

Then, select the properties by tapping twice on the “Properties” option and scroll down to the page to locate the “IPv4 address”. Here, you can find Wavlink’s router’s default gateway IP. In addition to that, you can also use the Windows Command Prompt” tool to easily identify the device IP address. 

Press the Windows and X key together and after that choose “Run” when the pop-up menu becomes visible on your screen then you have to “cmd” in the dialogue box and hit “Enter” till the Command Prompt window opens you have to wait for while and write “IP config/all”. Finally, now press the “Enter” button and then navigate to “Default Gateway” to get the IP address of the router. 


We are here with a number of tips and methods to change Wavlink router password. And Setup the Wavlink extender login credentials. In addition with the other tips to Setup the Wavlink router. But if you still face any problems you can easily contact us through the given chat box. We are here to help you.

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